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from 21.10.2020 to 31.10.2020 in Chania

Submission of films:
29.03.2021 - 30.05.2021

Regulation submitting films to the 9th Chania International Film Festival

  1. The 9th Chania International Film Festival will take place from 20 to 30 October 2021 in Chania, Crete.
  2. The 9th Chania International Film Festival presents for the first time a Competition Section. The films that will participate in the Competition will be reviewed a committee to be set up for this purpose.
  3. The awards concern the following categories: Feature Fiction Film Award, Short Fiction Film Award, Feature Documentary Film Award, Short Documentary Film Award, Animation Film Award.
  4. The
    Chania International Film Festival also awards Audience Awards in the above categories. For the proper procedure of voting and awarding the responsibility lies with the Festival.
  5. Within the framework of the
    Chania International Film Festival, the awards will also be awarded.

    A) "Walter Lasseli" Educational Creation Award, established and awarded by EKOME.

    B) "#ThisisEU-European Values" Award established and awarded by the Representation of the European Commission in Athens.

  6. Of the films screened at the Festival, part participates in the awards program with the indication Candidacy for cff9 award and part of them in the general screening program with the indication CFF9 Official Selection, following a relevant decision of the Festival.
  7. The members of the jury will be announced after the end of the submission period of the films and before the start of the 9th

    Chania International Film Festival.

  8. For the participation of a film in the Chania International Film Festival, no exclusivity of screening or Greek premiere of the film is required.
  9. Film submissions begin on March 29 and end on May 30, 2021. The winners of the Festival will be notified electronically by the end of July 2021.
  10. The film should be a production of the last three years (2018-2021).
  11. Participants in the 9
    Chania International Film Festival agree to the screening of their film either in the physical venue of the event or in a secure online environment with controlled access (in case there are still restrictions due to Covid-19).
  12. The Chania Film Festival screens fiction, documentary and animation films.
  13. Films under 10 minutes are considered to be of very short length, from 10 to 50 minutes are considered short, while more than 50 minutes are considered as feature films.
  14. Applications are submitted ONLY electronically through the platform


  15. For the qualifying selection stage, the submission of the films should be done via a web link, YouTube or Vimeo, sending along the passwords.
  16. The selected movies should be sent by post on a USB stick or hard drive (return after the end of the Festival, if requested) at: Cultural Society of Crete / Chania Film Festival / P.O. Box 3 Dimokratias and Hali Vamvakopoulos, P.C. 73135 Chania, Crete. (Alternatively and upon request they can be sent electronically through a relevant platform.)
  17. Greek-speaking films should have hard-coded subtitles on the image.
  18. For non-Greek-speaking films that do not have embedded Greek subtitles, the film should be sent without subtitles ("net") along with a separate file with the English subtitles, clocked in SRT format.
  19. A Trailer with English subtitles should also be sent, as well as a full press kit (photos, description, full list of actors and contributors, poster, etc.) for promotional purposes.
  20. The final copy that will be screened at the Festival should be available in:
    DCP or:
    File / File: mp4
    Codec: H.264
    Resolution/ Analysis: 1920×1080
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Scan type: Progressive
    Bitrate: 10000 – 12000 Kbps
    Frame rate: 25 fps
    Audio/ Audio: AAC, 256 – 320 Kbps, 48000 Hz
  21. The material should be collected at the Festival's offices by 20/08/2021.
  22. The Festival reserves the right – with the consent of the creators – to promote part of its program in parallel events after the end of the Festival.
  23. The films participating in the Chania Film Festival are the content of research and reference for the educational programs of the CFF edu that the Festival develops and presents throughout the year. In case of interest on the part of the Festival for the inclusion of a film in the CFF edu, there will be relevant communication.
  24. The Festival includes in its program films in special themes and tributes.
  25. The Festival undertakes the hospitality of the participating directors in Chania for 2 nights.
  26. The Festival reserves the right to reject any application, a) if it has not been completed evenly, b) if it has not been sent within the submission deadline and c) if the content of the film is offensive and promotes hate speech.
  27. The Festival reserves the right not to include in its program material that is not relevant to its character and purposes.
  28. The Festival has the exclusive competence to determine the screening schedule of the films (day and time).
  29. The Festival reserves the right to use certain excerpts of the film or trailer for promotional purposes.
  30. Participants should give interviews to the communication team and the festival's communication sponsors and be photographed, if requested.
  31. Part of the Festival will be filmed for the purpose of preserving archival material and promoting it to the public. The public or participants, whose presence will be evident in this material, do not have the right to make any claim from the organizing company.
  32. Participation in the Chania Film Festival implies the acceptance of all the above regulations.
  33. For any clarification or information you can send a message to

    the [email protected]