Adult Theatre Workshop

Workshop Description: The theatrical workshop of adults is addressed to anyone who wants to come into contact with the art of theatre. Through original actions, participants have fun, relax, collaborate, create. The contribution of the workshop to the treatment of the contraction of the students is important, while through its techniques the breathing, the voice and the body are strengthened. In addition, the students of the workshop learn concentration techniques, and of course through actions an introduction to acting is done.

Animator: Konstantinos Babilas (Theatrologist – Director)

Duration: 2 hours

Time: 18:00 – 20:00.

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Location: Cultural Center of Chania

Addressed to: In a group of up to 20 people

Other Information: The trainees come in comfortable and light clothing, and have a second pair of socks with them.

Animator's Biography

Konstantinos Babilas is a teacher – theatrologist (Graduate of the Thessaloniki Theatre Department), a playwright and director. He has directed more than 50 performances with various bands, he has served as Artistic Director in theatrical organizations, he has been teaching in theatrical workshops of students and adults for 25 years. Today he is the Artistic Director, director and teacher of workshops at the organization NORTH PEDIO and a collaborator for seven years of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kozani, where he teaches in adult workshops. He has held theatrical seminars in many cities of Greece.

  • Master classes and workshops can accept specific numbers of people and will be on a first come, first served basis based on the registration form.
  • Participants will get a certificate of attendance


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