Ah, after that

Direction: Nikolas Galanis / Nikolas Galanis
Script: Nikolas Galanis / Nikolas Galanis
Director of Photography: Nikolas Galanis / Nikolas Galanis
Editing/Montage: Nikolas Galanis / Nikolas Galanis
Producer/Production: Primary School of Niata - Ag. Demetriou / Elementary School Niaton
Country of Production/Country: Greece / Greece
Duration: 6'
Production Year/Year: 2018
Language/Language: Greek / English


A child facing difficulties, textbooks as another time machine, a journey into the past. Emotion, surprise, disappointment, tenderness, hope, worry, relief intertwine with each other and in the end as an aftertaste remains the sweetness of the old days of innocence.

A child facing difficulties, school books as another time machine, a trip to the past. Emotion, surprise, frustration, tenderness, hope, restlessness, relief mingle with each other, and in the end you get the aftertaste of the old times of innocence.

Director's Biography/Director's Short Bio:

Nikos Galanis is a teacher with a lot of fun who takes his camera, his students become small actors and with the films they create they send important social messages. Together with his students they have created the films: First Train, SOSibio, Ah, Ah, Afto the au, All the things that unite us and Time does not turn back. His films have won distinctions in student competitions and have participated in film festivals in Greece and abroad.

Nikos Galanis is a teacher that has created with his students many short films with important social messages. All together have created the short films: First train, SOSivio, Ah, Ah, Ayto the one, All that unites us and Time never comes back. Many of these films have participated and have been awarded at film festivals in Greece and abroad.