An Infinite Love

An Infinite Love

Direction: Iliana Rapti
Production: 1st EPAL of Argos,1st Laboratory Center of Argos
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 13 min
Production Year: 2019
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Iliana Rapti, Vassilis Kouvalis, Giorgos Rigopoulos, Spyros Karkazis, Nikos Pallis, Raphael Hoxha, Panagiota Sygizi, Konstantina Katsikari, Bruno Myrtos, Geraldo Moulfai, Thodoris Nikolaou (students), Elias Tsigas, Kostas Dedes, Giorgos Demos, Katerina Prodromidou, Dimitris Athanasakos, Nikos Pispeos (teachers)


The film of the students of the 1st EPAL and the 1st Laboratory Center of Argos is a story of love and humanity through the eyes of an Italian soldier that unfolded in Argos during the war of 1941-1944. War always has two faces: the cruel inhuman but........ and the human. What leaves you hoping for. Always through the ruins he leaves behind, a hope springs up, a sunbeam that people will rediscover their sanity and live alone again. In this second category, belongs the case of the Italian soldier Franco Romano, a medical student, who gave daily lessons of humanity serving in occupied Greece, in the camp of Fichtia in Argolida. A wonderful man, full of love, selflessness and kindness. He took care of the locals and helped in any way he could, those who needed him without discrimination. In the ashes of war, fate was destined to offer him the most beautiful meeting of his life, here in Greece: He met his muse, his love, his Evangelia, a beautiful fashion from Argos, who saw her for the first time as she washed her face, in the courtyard of her house.......

mia aperanti agapi 2 - 9 chania film festival
iliana rapti director - 9 chania film festival


Iliana Rapti

Iliana Rapti is 19 years old and studies at the University of Ioannina in the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics. She was a member of the film team of the 1st EPAL and the 1st E.K. of Argos until her graduation. He is involved in the creation of short films and hopes to deal professionally with cinema,

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