Children's radio

Animators: Fotini Dimopoulou and Ioanna Kolokytha

Workshop Day: Monday, October 25, 2021

Time: 18.00 – 20.00

Duration: 2 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

Addressed to: A group of 20 primary-secondary education teachers

A certificate of participation will be given



Radio, as Celestine Freinet used to say, is a useful and pivotal learning point. It is a means of communication and free expression in return for the lost children's voices, redefining the relationship between teacher and student and the relationship of the school with the community.

Instructors' Biography / Group Description:

The team of the Network of Cooperative Schools of Chania consists of primary and secondary teachers of all specialties. Teachers who believe that the school should be in daily dialogue, exchange and transaction with its environment. The experience of the people within the Network takes place under the terms of Freinet Pedagogy and Institutional Pedagogy, with an effort for the participation of all members in the decision-making process, in a continuous exercise in Democracy and the democratic principles of organization.

The aim of the Network is to create a "small ark" of ideas and pedagogical perceptions for a free, open and cooperative school with Freinet pedagogy:

• with emphasis on the skills of expression, communication and cooperation
• with artistic expression and cinema
• with the printing press and school brochures (school newspaper, small books)
• with the cooperative class community and with the student councils in a central role for the operation of the classroom and the school with the children experiencing democracy in their school, co-shaping their environment
• with their actions and
• with children being the active, responsible and emancipated citizens of today and tomorrow.

For the Network, the workshops will be coordinated by the members of Fotini Dimopoulou (teacher) and Ioanna Kolokytha (kindergarten teacher).