Photographing with the click of the heart

Workshop Title: Photographing with the click of the heart

Workshop Description: Experiential, photographic workshop

Animator: Maro Kouri | Photojournalist | Photo Coach

Duration: 16 hours



Date: 25,26,27 October 2019

  • Friday 25/10/2019: 7-9,30 presentation (2 1/2 hours)
  • Saturday 26/10/2019: 8:00-5:00 p.m.,
    They continue in the afternoon photo shoot. We meet 21:00-22:00 (10 hours)
  • Sunday 27/10/2019: (Morning self edit)
    3:00-6:30 pm: edit, reflection, evaluation, creation of a group portfolio, production of the team's photographic distillate

Place: Chania

Addressed to: A group of 15 people

Animator's Biography

Maro Kouri works as a free photojournalist focusing on the vulnerable, oppressed groups of people of the world. Its expeditions to Africa, Japan, China, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Europe have been published in international publications and media such as National Geographic, Journal du Dimanche, Vice, Huffington Post, BBC, CNN, Der Spiegel,, Sunday.

Among her awards, the praise of Unesco, in 2003 at the Mediterranean Art Forum in Beirut, for the photography exhibition "Women of the world", stands out. In 2009 he won the1st prize at the Scoop International Photojournalism Competition in France with the reportage "Albinos of Tanzania" and in 2014 the gold medal in the international competition PX3 with the photographic research in the Greek crisis entitled "Heartbreak". In 2010 a photograph of her from the events in Syntagma was honored as Photography of the Year by the online publication LIFE and in 2016 she was awarded the international ND Award for her reportage "The Odyssey of the Refugees" where she followed the refugees photographing them from the Aegean Sea to Berlin.

As a Photo coach today it makes it easier for people to come close to themselves through the experiential workshops "Photographing with the click of our hearts" in inspiring places and themes such as the "forgotten tribes of Ethiopia", "the Sufiki celebration of forgiveness in the oasis of Siua", the "Safari in Tanzania", the "Multiculturalism of Acharnon Street", the "Easter in Mani", the "Oman".

It finds it important to get in touch with themselves for the bonding of the group of business people through the process of experiential workshop, where participants meet their inner inspiration and creativity to connect more authentically with the team members and with higher performance and joy in their work.

They have called Maro a "photographer of the heart" because she unlocks hearts and connects the mind with the heart. The heart clicks and the moment it feels the emotion you press the camera button by clicking the heart, the photo, flooded with gratitude.

He was recently honored by the Army General Staff. Her speech at TedX: and the 29th Greek Leadership Conference of ACEO (Company of Senior Business Executives) 5/5/2018:

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E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 6977296831 (WhatsApp, Viber)

Instagram: maro_kouri

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  • The workshop has a financial participation of 30 euros


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