Direction: Manolis Papadakis / Manolis Papadakis
Script: Manolis Papadakis / Manolis Papadakis
Country of Production/Country: Greece / Greece
Duration: 11'
Year of Production/Year: 2003
Language/Language: Greek / English


Nikos is a young musician who is looking for something authentic to inspire him. On his wandering, he arrives at Frangokastelo, where he tries to "see" the drosoulites. A voice that seems to be coming from his ravines attracts attention, "World gold.... pesmos and who feasted on you..." The following spring Nikos finds a grandfather again in the ruins of a lighthouse, "I am waiting for them... I keep the ruins upright for the swallows to build their nests." "Are you sure? will they come back?", "if the nest is vasta, you turn around!", she replies with confidence.

Nick is a young musician who is looking for inspiration in something authentic. During his journey his is reaching Fragokastelo (Crete) trying to "see" Drosoulites. A voice that seems to come out of the gorgeous attracts his attention: "Oh golden world... let me know who made the best out of you...". Next spring Nick returns to the same place and he meets an old man amidst the remnants of a light house: " I stay here to watch out for the nests of the swallows". "Are you sure they are coming", "You come back when you have a home" the old man assures him.