Film Club at the School

Description: The children meet in the workshop in order to enjoy films, to discuss about them, to play, to laugh, so as to cultivate and maintain the love for cinema. Through activities-games, before and after the screening of the film, a sequential passage is attempted from the viewing-enjoyment of the film, the spontaneous expression of impressions, to the investigation of emotions, the decoding of the creator's intentions, and finally to expression.
Addressed to: Groups of 15-20 elementary / high school / high school students
Laboratory Supervisors: Stavros Grosdos, Dr. Audiovisual Literacy and Creative Writing in Education and Scientific Associate of the Chania Film Festival and educational team of the Festival
Workshop Days: Monday 25 October 2021, Tuesday 26 October and Friday 29 October 2021
Time: 9:30-11:00 and 11:30-13:00
Venue: Cultural Center of Chania