Filming reality


I look at the reality. I see her. I create my own. We are all different. We see differently. Otherwise we hear. We have a different understanding of things. And that's interesting. To see life from our own shooting angle. And show it. The goal of a filmmaker : not only to look at reality, but to see it. A creative journey awaits us, where we will acquire technical knowledge for a documentary film and for a fiction film (camera, sound, editing), to develop ideas, to exchange views, to get to know modern trends in cinema. From the script to the realization: You can make your film with the simplest means. You can give way to the essence of your story. You can get your own original look, your own style. -In the workshop we will analyze the visual-acoustic arts: fiction films, documentaries, reportage, the similarities and the differences between them. -What are their capabilities and what we will choose to tell our story. - The role of cinema in our modern life, how we can communicate with our fellow human beings in the best possible way with the help of cinematic means. - An acquaintance with the technical side of cinema (camera, shots, editing, sound, rhythm) and the appropriate choice, according to the story. - Our story: the script. Ways and examples. How we make a script in the documentary and in the fiction film. In the practical part of the workshop, the participants will be divided into groups (5-6 people) and, having a common theme, each group will create their own scenario.

Addressed to: In a group of 15-20 adults

Animator: Irina Boyko, Director

Workshop Days: Wednesday 30/10

Time: 18:00-20:30

Venue: Cultural Center of Chania

Animator's Biography

Irina Boyko
He was born in Ukraine. He studied Theatre Directing at the State University of Culture and Art in Kiev and Film Directing at the Panavision School in Athens.
She has collaborated with various cultural institutions in Greece, in the field of cinema and theatre, representing her abroad. For the last 6 years with the Doll Theatre of "White Puppet" she has been collaborating permanently and is housed in the Asomaton Art Space in Athens.
As an actor she has collaborated in theatre and cinema in Athens and Kiev (Rakushka by Fotini Siskopoulou, Isadora: When she danced directed by Razvan Mazilou, Moskva-Petoushki directed by V.Petranuk etc.).
She has taught Puppet Theatre in NSRF programs in the public schools of Athens, as well as theatrical and film seminars for children and adults throughout Greece (Verroia Municipal Library, Donoussa Primary School, Xanthi, Kavala, Olympia Festival, etc.).
She has collaborated with the Small Technical University of Athens, as a Lighting Designer at the Pocket Theatre Festvals, as well as teaching the seminars for an adult audience "Acting In the Lens".
For three years (2012-2015) he was the director of the Milos Theatre Workshop.

He has directed the following films:

"MAKROVOUDI" (documentary, 43', 2016)-1st Short Documentary Award (3rd International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, 2016)
-Best Director Award (3rd International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, 2016)
-3rd Short Documentary Award (Halkida Documentary Festival, 2016)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAMA!, (short film, production of E.K.K., ERT
-Hellenic Film Center Award Drama Festival 2007
-First National Award thessaloniki festival
-International Festival Sequence court-metrage Audience Award 2008)

TEN COMMANDS, documentary, ERT production, 2007

NEXT TO THE EDGE OF THE BLUE-BLUE SEA, (short film, Premiumedia production)
-Honorable mention of the jury of drama festival 2006
-Honorable mention E.K.K. 2006
-3rd National Award Thessaloniki Festival 2006
-Olympia 2006 Children's Jury Award
-Jury Award International Festival RUSSIA ABROAD 2008)

THE KLEFTIS, (short film, production of ERT)
-Best Director Award "Tonia Marketaki", Drama Festival 2005
-3rd National Award Thessaloniki Festival 2005
-KODAK Award for best Greek film, Olympia Festival 2005
-Jury Award Berlin Festival 2006
-Naoussa Joint Festival Award 2006
-KODAK Award Larissa Festival 2006
-Chicago Festival Jury Award 2006)

SUNDAY NINE TO NINE, (short film, produced by FASMA LTD)
-State distinction of quality, Thessaloniki Festival 2004)

ARE THERE LIONS IN GREECE? (documentary, produced by IRINA BOYCO-AGFilms)
-First Prize Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2003)

TA KAVOURIA, (documentary, production AGFilms)
-Official representation of Greece at the Venice Biennale of New Generation.)



2016 MOLIEROS, puppet show for adult audiences

2016 MAGIC ORNAMENTS, performance for children with actors and dolls (doll-text-direction), @asomaton art space

2016 MAGIC BOAT, performance for children with actors and dolls (doll-text-direction), @asomaton art space

2016 ALIKI IN THE LAND OF MIRACLES, performance for children with actors and dolls (doll constructions-text-direction),@asomaton art space

2015 THE ROAD TO THE SEA, puppet show for adult audience, Vrysaki

2013 TALES OF THE SEA, dramatized narration for adult audience, Milos Theatre Workshop

2013 THE MUSICIANS OF VREMI, performance for children (text-direction), Milos Theatre Workshop

2012-2013 JEANNE D'ARC, performance with actors and dolls for adult audience, @asomaton art space

2012 MAGICAL CHRISTMAS FAIRYTALE, performance for children with actors and dolls (doll-text-direction constructions), @asomaton art space

2O12 THE MUSICIANS OF VREMI, musicals for children with actors and dolls (doll constructions-text-direction), @art space

2012 A TREE, CALLED NIKOLAOS, children's play, Milos Theatre Group

2012 THE THERION OF TAURUS , Milos Theatre Group

2011 THE WAR OF KOUTSOULIA, children's play, Milos Theatre Group

2011 THE THREE PIGS, musical for children with actors and dolls (doll constructions-text-direction) Chora Theatre

2011 BLACK LETTERS IN WHITE BACKGROUND, by Ruben Gonzalez, performance for adult audiences, CACOYANNIS FOUNDATION, LYCOFOS Production

2011 THE NEW ADVENTURES OF RED RIDING HOOD, performance for children with actors and dolls, (doll constructions-text-direction) DIACHRONO theatre

2010 THE ENGAGEMENT, performance for adult audiences, CHORIAMBOS Theatre, Larissa

2009 THE LYKOS AND THE SEVEN GOAT MUSICALS for children with actors and dolls (doll constructions-text-direction) Chora Theatre

2009 PETA, LOUDA! performance for children with actors, dolls, and sand art technique (doll constructions-text-direction) chora theatre

2009 MAMA FOR MAMOUTHAKI (performance for children with actors and dolls, (doll constructions-text-direction) CHORA Theatre

2007 TO PANTZARAKI, performance for children, FOURNOS Theatre

2006 COLORFUL FAIRYTALE, performance for children with actors and dolls, (doll constructions-text-direction) FOURNOS Theatre

2005 RED SAILS, by Aleksandr Grin, performance for children with actors and dolls, FOURNOS Theatre

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  • Participants will get a certificate of attendance


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