Freinet Pedagogy Theoretical and practical approach Pedagogical Team "The Skasiarxeio"

Animators: Niki Kokkinoplitis, teacher, Aspasia Kalisora, teacher

Duration: 8 hours

Date: 27 October 2019

Location: Cultural Center of the Municipality of Chania

Addressed to: A group of 20-25 primary-secondary education teachers


Sunday, 27 October 2019, 10:00-14:00



1. Connecting the school with society and public space (classroom, yard, community)

Design - Animation: Niki Kokkinoplitis

In the workshop we will design and conduct an outdoor workshop on the visit of our class in a public area of the neighborhood. We will explore what actions we can implement with our class team or in collaboration with other classes and parents. Why is it worth visiting out in the field? Brief presentation of the activities of the21st Kindergarten of Athens, and the pedagogical material produced by students and teachers. We will also refer to the support we can have during the implementation of an environmental program by agencies and environmental organizations. Debate.

2.Small Books

Design - Animation: Niki Kokkinoplitis

The "Little Book" is a creative work, in which students develop skills (cognitive, social and communicative) in a natural and experiential way because they learn through their own projects, understand what they are learning and why they are learning it. Students with a simple A4 paper produce in many copies small 8-page booklets to be read by their classmates, their families, their friends and other groups of peers of other classes. The students self-motivate, research and collaborate to create a work that will be published - aimed at a real audience. In our workshop, teachers will create handmade Small Books and instructions will be given for the creation of Small Books electronically.

Sunday, 27 October, 17:00-21:00

  1. Film screening "Celestine Freinet" & "Fernand Uri, produced by Philippe Merieux
  2. Presentation: Network of Cooperative Schools of Crete - Aspasia Kalisora


"The Children's Assembly. Experiencing Democracy in the classroom and doing things"

Design - Animation: Aspasia Kalisora

Speaking of a democratic school, this could not be understood without the active participation of all its members, that is to say, children. Children can and should be allowed to be the protagonists of their everyday school. For this reason and through the institution of school assembly, we will explore experientially the way in which children can express their opinion on issues that concern them, effectively manage the complex web of school relationships and feel that they are actively involved as equal members of the school community.

Instructors' CVs


Niki Kokkinoplitis

She is a kindergarten teacher, worked in a private kindergarten for 10 years and since 1996 has been serving in public kindergartens. In recent years, it has been animating experiential seminars addressed to primary education teachers and concerning techniques and good practices of modern teaching applications for pre-school and early school age. He is an active member of the Pedagogical Team "The Skasiarxeio" Experimental Palpations for a School of the Community" which aims at the dissemination of Freinet Pedagogy in the Greek public school and animates workshops on small books and the outdoor school of the community.


Aspasia Kalisora

Aspasia Kalisora works as a teacher at the Greek public school. She has completed her postgraduate studies at the Postgraduate Program "Culture and Human Development" of the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies of the University of Crete. Today, as a Doctoral Candidate and having as an academic object of research the antiauthoritarian education, she continues the research and study of antiauthoritarian educational projects in Greece of the post-political period. He is an active member of the Pedagogical Group "The Skasiarxeio. Experimental Palpations for a Community School" and the Pedagogical Team of Rethymno "For a Democratic School".

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