Direction: Nikos Kontizas
Script: Nikos Kontizas
Director of Photography: Nikos Maragkoudakis, Nikos Kontizas
Editing: Michalis Fotiou, Nikos Kontizas, Nikos Maragkoudakis
Music: Michael Berkin, Michalis Fotiou
Productions: Nikos Kontizas, Nikos Maragkoudakis, Michalis Fotiou
Country of Production: Nikos Kontizas, Nikos Maragkoudakis, Michalis Fotiou
Runtime: 13 min
Year of Production: 2018
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


The modern world is dominated by the power of the image and the messages it passes to the conscious and the unconscious. In a world without vision, without images, does the message of the image weaken or does it still dominate?

Light a - 9 chania film festival


Nikos Kontizas

Nikos Kontizas is a lawyer specializing in stock exchange and banking law. He began his career in New York, where he lived for many years. He recently studied at a film school (SAE Athens). He is systematically involved in cinema, theatre and photography. He has participated in various theatrical performances and photography exhibitions, and has created short films. "FOS" was created in the context of his studies and is his first documentary. He qualified for the competition of the documentary festivals of Thessaloniki, Chalkida and the Peloponnese.

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