Maze Marches

"Maze Marches"

Animators: Anna Nebavlaki, Sofia Maria Xenaki, Maria Drakaki

Workshop Day: Monday, October 26, 2020

Duration: 80 minutes

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Implementation Area: Cultural Center of Chania and / or online through the Zoom platform. (The teachers will be sent the necessary link).


A certificate of participation will be given

(first come, first served)



Starting from the educational material from the collection of the Museum of School Life "MELINA: Education and Culture" and specifically from the "EYES OF VISUAL ARTISTS".

The term "labyrinth" is used literally and figuratively. It literally means a complex and labyrinthine route that refers to the building palace of Knossos, in Minoan Crete. Metaphorically, the labyrinth is used for every complex and labyrinthine journey, including the path of self-knowledge.

In the turbulent and uncertain times we live in today, we often have the feeling that we are in a labyrinth literally and figuratively. Perhaps, if we realize the idea of internal journey of self-knowledge, understand our hesitations, attitudes and choices and we seek such bases with respect and responsibility for the other, the path in the labyrinth can become less inaccessible, everyday life easier and empathy for fellow man greater.

Empathy is a gift of communication, which we all possess but most of us ignore. It is, essentially, the power and ability we have to feel what a fellow human being feels. In this way we can understand, feel and get to know the other person, because we can see the world through his eyes.

The streets of cities are labyrinths. Accessibility in public places it is difficult and is even more difficult for people with mobility problems. People show no empathy. Certainly many of a city's problems are the result of poor urban planning, but above all, they are a sign of disrespect for our fellow human beings.

The "Labyrinth Marches" consist of 4 routes:

1."Literal dimension of the labyrinth"
Screening of the short film by Thodoris Papadoulakis My Brother.
Presentation of the website RespectLife by Alexandra Manousaki.

2."Moods associated with the course of the labyrinth"
Animation Anna Nebavlaki
Educational material: "Phew and Go Out, 8 hiding places of self-esteem to find yourself and play with others", Kaleidoscope, Athens 2018.
Our moods are imprinted in the colors but also the colors reflect our moods with which we walk in the labyrinth.

3."The psyche of the labyrinth"
Animation: Sofia Maria Xenaki
Video projection of the artist's interactive installation "Labyrinth".
Experiential interaction that highlights a path through another labyrinth, a unique and unique journey without orientation with the aim of sometimes the center and sometimes the exit, the redemption.

4.« Meeting-Connection-Composition"
Animation: Maria Drakaki
Educational material from his collection Museum of School Life "MELINA: Education and Culture" and specifically from the "EYES OF THE VISUAL ARTISTS" and the exercise "Labyrinth" by Eleni Moraiti.
Highlight links with other references and symbolisms labyrinths from various forms of art and encourage the sharing of the personal meanings of the participants in their multiple readings, in order to reveal the thread of composition that ultimately cultivates empathy through collectivity.



Animators' Biographies

The Anna Nebavlaki is a special advisor to the Municipality of Chania on education issues, teacher and writer. In 2018, her book "Phew and Go Out, 8 hiding places of self-esteem to find yourself and play with others" was published by Kaleidoscope Publications. The book is the result of the contribution of artists from painting, sculpture, performing art, literature, music, architecture and cinema, as well as experts from psychology, philosophy and education. The publication was co-financed by the Region of Crete and the support of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women of Chania.

She has participated as a speaker in conferences. In recent years he has designed and implemented the following educational activities:

  • Workshop for children in collaboration with students of the Technical University of Crete for the exhibition of Le Corbusier at the KAM
  • Workshops for children at the Rokkas Festivals
  • Experiential workshops for adults at the
    Chania Film Festival

She is a member of the Association of Friends of the School Museum and the Association of Parents and Guardians of the
High School of Chania.


Maria Drakaki is a teacher and kindergarten teacher, holder of a master's degree specialization in the Department of "Management of Cultural Units" of the Hellenic Open University and PhD candidate of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean. Since 1998 he has been involved in the organization and implementation of the idea of the Museum of School Life. He is a founding member of the Museum, a member of its Steering Committee and President of the Association of Friends. From 2012 to 2018 she served as a School Advisor Primary Education in the Regional Unit of Heraklion. Her research interests are oriented towards cultural and museum studies. From September 2018 until today she has been working as an adult trainer and focuses on the design of experiential workshops in cultural organizations in the fields of "EDUCATION AND CULTURE", "CULTURAL MANAGEMENT" AND "CULTURAL COMMUNICATION" as well as on the development and implementation of European programs in the field of adult education. He maintains a weekly column on culture and education issues in the newspaper "HANIOTIKA NEA" with the title "CULTURE AS" (


Sofia-Maria Xenaki is an artist and performer. She was born in Chania in 1991 and presented her interest in painting and dance since her childhood. In 2009 he was first admitted, with a scholarship, to the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from where he graduated with honors in 2015. During the academic year 2013-2014 he studied at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, with the Erasmus student exchange programme. Since 2016 he lives in Chania, where he creates and teaches painting.

She has twenty group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions to her credit. Selected group exhibitions:

  • 'Everything Rei', Tsichritzis Foundation for the Fine Arts, Athens
  • Art in The Lobby of King George, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens
  • 'Artists of Chania perform the Tower of Babel', Municipal Art Gallery of Chania
  • 'Re-culture Festival', Patras
  • 'Alexandria- Thessaloniki: 45+4 artistic proposals', Vafopouleio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki
  • 6th

    Student Biennale, Athens


  • 'Movement of Life', Mare Gallery, Chania
  • 'Labyrinth', Centre for Mediterranean Architecture, Chania
  • Workshop "Labyrinth Marches"