"Paper Cinema: Directing a Comics Page"

Animator: Giorgos Botsos, animator

Workshop Day: Sunday, October 24, 2021

Time: 17:00 – 20:00

Duration: 3 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

Animator: Giorgos Botsos, Visual artist and Comics Creator (AKTO professor)

Addressed to: those who love cartoons

In collaboration with the educational organization AKTO

A certificate of participation will be given



The paper meets the film, the succession of the drawn frames meets the moving image, the composition of the page meets the montage...
In other words, two arts, both related and so different, converse in the masterclass presented by comics creator George Botsos, in which he will analyze the relationship of comics with cinema, the nature of the comics page as a visual narrative and the function of succession or sequence of images.
During the seminar, participants will be given the opportunity to take part in an interesting creative exercise, designing their own version of a comic story.


He was born in Athens in 1960. In 1983 he graduated from the Political Department of the Law School of Athens. His first comic book was published in 1987 in the magazine Babel and since then he has had a steady presence in the Greek comics scene.
His work is characterized by the intense use of color, the simple narration and a special style that combines elements of expressionism and the immediacy of the 9th Art. His artwork has been presented in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and seven of his illustrated books have been published. He has also worked as an illustrator and as a copywriter and creative director in advertising agencies.
Since 2000 he teaches at AKTO and directs the program "sketch-comics-cartoon".
In 2017, the collectible album "The Thief of Yellow" (Topos editions) was released with the best comics of his 30-year career.