Tell the Story with Sand!

A film workshop to get acquainted with the art of cinema. -You can tell your story. -You can make your film by the simplest means. -You can give the basis to the essence of your story. -You can get your own original look, your own style. -In the workshop we will analyze the visual-acoustic arts: fiction films, documentaries, reportage, the similarities and differences between them. -What are their capabilities and what we will choose to tell our story. - The role of cinema in our modern life, how we can communicate with our fellow human beings in the best possible way with the help of cinematic means. - An acquaintance with the technical side of cinema (camera, shots, editing, sound, rhythm) and the appropriate choice, according to the story. - Our story: the script. Ways and examples. How we make a script in the documentary and in the fiction film. In the practical part of the workshop, the participants will be divided into groups (5-6 people) and, having a common theme, each group will create their own scenario.