The films of Chania Schools from the Chania Film Festival swept the Awards in an International Competition

Seven (7) First & Second Prizes in the 10th International Student Short Film Competition “CINEMA READS?” won a documentary from schools in Chania that were created during the school year 2018 – 2019, within the framework of the Educational Program cine Lessons of the Chania Film Festival.

The result of the Competition is another reward for the steady work done over the last 18 years by the cine lessons of the Chania Film Festival, with systematic intervention in the Audiovisual and Film Education of the Educational Community of Crete.

Warm congratulations are due to the students, the teachers and the festival’s collaborators for the awards they won, namely:

  • At the Two-seater Primary School of Emprosneros, Chania, which won the 1st Documentary Award for primary school students with the film “One school, two worlds”.
  • The 2nd Primary School of Chania , which won the 2nd Documentary Award for primary school students with the film “My father the teacher”.
  • At the Gymnasium of Alikianos Platanias in Chania and at the 7th High School of Chania, which won the 1st Documentary Prize (equally) for High School Students,with the films, respectively, “Without showcase” and “Tabakaria, from yesterday to today”.
  • At the General Lyceum of Nea Kydonia, Chania, which won the 1st Documentary Award for high school students, with the film “Agioi Apostoloi – Buildings, martyrs of their time”.
  • At the Primary School of Vatolakos, Platanias, Chania, and the 3rd Kindergarten of Kissamos, Chania, which shared equally the 1st Prizein the category “I Care and Act” for Primary Education, with the films respectively, “The Angels of Charlie” and “The neighborhood of love”.
  • At the High School of Alikianos Platanias, Chania, which won the 1st Prizefor the Song of his film, in the category Films of High School Students, with the film “Without showcase”.

The competition was attended by 181 films from Greece and abroad.

However, warm congratulations are also due to all students and teachers, who all these years participate in the Educational Programs of the Chania Film Festival, regardless of distinctions and awards.
All participations offer us the joy of creation!

During the school year 2019 – 2020, 28 student films are being implemented in Chania and Rethymnon, within the framework of the Festival’s Educational Programs.

See all movies at the link:

The Educational Programs of the Chania Film Festival have the approval of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, based on the positive recommendation of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) and are implemented without any financial obligation of the participating schools.

The Chania Film Festival and the Educational of the Programs are designed and implemented by the Cultural Society of Crete, with the support of Region of Crete, of the Regional Unit of Chania, of Cultural Center of Chania, of the Municipalities of Chania and Platanias and have the synergy of the most important institutions of the Film, of Culture and culture Education. They are also under the auspices of the Ministries, Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and Tourism, as well as the Greek National Tourism Organization.

Grand Sponsor: COSMOTE