The Great Tomato

The Great Tomato

Direction: Christos Andrianopoulos
Editing: Christos Andrianopoulos
Production: Aidan Kaye, Christos Andrianopoulos
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 18 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


The "Big Tomato" is a diary. In it, the memories and dreams of the creator and the memories of Jason marry with the memories of Jason. The days were passing, and in March 2020 life changed....

i-megali-ntomata - 9 chania film festival
Christos-Andrianopoulos - 9 chania film festival


Christos Adrianopoulos

Christos Adrianopoulos was born in 1996 in Athens. In 2014 he moved to New York where he studied at SUNY Purchase, film. In these 4 years of study he made 4 short films, of which 3 are finished and one is in the process of editing. In 2019 he won a competition and went to make a film in Benin, Africa. In June 2020 he graduated and returned to Greece where he lives. His latest film "The Great Tomato" premiered in the short competition of the Greek Documentary Festival of Chalkida.


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