The Journey of askavlos

The Journey of askavlos

Direction: Giorgos Arvanitis
Script: Giorgos Arvanitis
Director of Photography: Zoe Dalaina, Markus Haaser
Editing by Chronis Theocharis
Production: Giorgos Arvanitis
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 88 min
Production Year: 2020
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Askaulus, the ancient Greek bagpipes, is revived in the hands of musicians who keep an ancient tradition alive. The instrument slowly but surely finds its way to the city, where contemporary musicians bring it to the contemporary music scene.

to taxidi tou askavlou - 9 chania film festival
Yorgos-Arvanitis - 9 chania film festival


Giorgos Arvanitis

George Arvanitis was born in 1978. After studying Business Administration in Larissa, he attended seminars by Wim Wenders and Fatih Akin at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He gained valuable experience during his internship in directing alongside Fatih Akin in the film "Head On". He has worked in short films as an assistant director and has written, directed and produced short films. "The Journey of the Ascar" is his first feature film. This independent production took ten years to complete and is entirely self-financing.


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