The meeting

Direction: Alexandros Pittidis / Aleksandros Pittidis
Script: Yannis Efstratiadis, Alexandros Pittidis / Giannis Efstratiadis, Aleksandros Pittidis
Director of Photography/Photography: Grammatikos Giorgos / Grammatikos Giorgos
Producer/Production: Alexandros Pittidis / Aleksandros Pittidis
Country of Production/Country: Greece / Greece
Duration: 12'
Production Year/Year: 2018
Language/Language: Greek / English
Subtitles/Subtitles: English / English


Can a chance encounter change this decision to a determined autocrat? The answer to a single monoplane of the film.

Can a random meeting change the decision of a determined suicide? You will find the answer in this one shot film.

Director's Biography/Director's Short Bio:

Alexandros Pittidis has been working since 1992 as a director, producer and screenwriter. He has been involved in short and feature films, documentaries and television series.

Aleksandros Pittidis has been working as a director, producer and script writer since 1992. He has created short and feature films, documentaries and tv shows.