The Next Day - 10 years KETHEA ARIADNE in Chania

The Next Day - 10 years KETHEA ARIADNE in Chania

Direction: Group of the Multipurpose Centre of Chania, KETHEA Ariadne
Scenario: Team of the Multipurpose Center of Chania, KETHEA Ariadne
Editing by Leonidas Manolikakis
Production: Multipurpose Center of Chania KETHEA Ariadne
Country of Production: Greece
Runtime: 37 min
Production Year: 2021
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English


Testimonies and narrations of members who are in the therapeutic process and graduates. The strength and faith of the individual to go beyond his personal limits and to revise entrenched values and behaviors, following the path of rehabilitation.

kethea ariadni p - 9 chania film festival
kethea ariadni d - 9 chania film festival

On the occasion of the completion of 10 years of presence of KETHEA ARIADNE in Chania and the creation of the Multipurpose Center of Chania, which was included in December 2020 in the Operational Programme "CRETE" 2014-2020 and is co-financed by the European Social Fund, a short documentary was created that aims to highlight the work carried out by the unit. The creation of the documentary was achieved with the voluntary participation of all actors and the support of New Television.


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