The young photographer's workshop

Animators: Stavros Grosdos, Dr. Audiovisual Literacy and Creative Writing in Education. Scientific Associate of the Chania Film Festival

Workshop Day: Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Time: 18.00 – 20.00

Duration: 2 hours

Place of Implementation: Cultural Center of Chania

It is addressed to: primary and secondary school teachers


A certificate of participation will be given




The aim of the workshop is, through empirical activities, for the participants to design photographic workshops, in which children will enjoy the enchanting world of photography, will approach empirical photographs, express their feelings, discover the intentions of the creator photographers, get to know the tools and techniques of photography, and finally, will create photographs - depicting concepts - and photo-stories, using creative writing techniques.



Stavros Grosdos holds a PhD in Audiovisual Literacy and Creative Writing in Education (Pedagogical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), with postgraduate studies in Language Teaching. He worked as a School Advisor in Primary Education (2007-2018). He taught, as an external collaborator, in the Postgraduate Programs of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Western Macedonia.
His research interests revolve around the issues of language didactics, art didactics, creative writing and audiovisual literacy. He has spoken at conferences and has published numerous articles in scientific journals. He is a scientific associate of the Chania Film Festival in the field of educational and educational programs.
His books: The Festival of Colors (1996), Creative Colored Games (1998), Language and Art (2003), The Stranger, the Other, the Different: Is It Me? (2005), Reading Games and Reading Animations (2011), Creativity and Creative Writing. From child secretary to child text creator (2014), Image and Creative Writing (2017), Cinema and Creative Writing. Film literacy courses (2018).

The aim of the Network is to create a "small ark" of ideas and pedagogical perceptions for a free, open and cooperative school with Freinet pedagogy:

• with emphasis on the skills of expression, communication and cooperation
• with artistic expression and cinema
• with the printing press and school brochures (school newspaper, small books)
• with the cooperative class community and with the student councils in a central role for the operation of the classroom and the school with the children experiencing democracy in their school, co-shaping their environment
• with their actions and
• with children being the active, responsible and emancipated citizens of today and tomorrow.

For the Network, the workshops will be coordinated by the members of Fotini Dimopoulou (teacher) and Ioanna Kolokytha (kindergarten teacher).