Tickets for the 9th Chania International Film Festival

In order to watch a movie at the Cultural Center of Chania, IT IS MANDATORY TO PUBLISH AN ELECTRONIC TICKET

Without it you will NOT be allowed to enter the site

For more information call: 697 0651153



Attention! If you are booking a ticket for more than 1 person, then: in step 2 in the "Additional Information" field, add the names of all the people for whom you are booking a ticket.

COVID-19 Health Protection Rules

For all the activities of the 9th Chania International Film Festival, at the Cultural Center of Chania, we take all measures to enjoy the Cinema Festival SAFELY.

Please keep the necessary safety distances during your presence at the Festival grounds. Follow the relevant marking.
• Spectators enter after a mandatory demonstration at the entrance:
[a] vaccination certificate, in accordance with para. 2 of Article 10, or
[b] certificate of disease
[c] the result of the rapid detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test), which must have been carried out within forty-eight (48) hours before the start of the live spectacle - hearing combined with:
[d] identity card or driver's license or passport or other proof of identity in order to carry out an identity check
The above certificates, under [a] to [y], shall be presented either on paper or electronically by means of the viewer's mobile device.
• The above obligations include minors from twelve (12) years of age and above.
Minors from five (5) to eleven (11) years of age, may submit, alternatively, a self-test statement of the last twenty-four hours, made either by any parent, even if they do not have custody, or by a guardian, in accordance with para. 3 of Article 10. The physical presence of the parent or guardian is not required.

Please keep the necessary social distancing during your presence at the Festival grounds. Follow the relevant marking.

The use of a mask is MANDATORY both for the festival's partners and for the public in the queues (entrance, exit, toilets, etc.) throughout the screenings, as well as participation in any event or action in the premises of the Cultural Center of Chania.

Partners of the Festival will be responsible for your entrance to the hall and your movement in the premises, until you find yourself in your place. After the start of the screening, entrance to the hall is NOT ALLOWED.


The positions that can be used bear a relevant marking which we kindly ask you to fully respect.

During the screenings there will NOT be a break.

If during the projection you need to move, you should inform the usher by raising your hand. Our partner will give you relevant instructions.

After each screening and after the titles of the film are completed, your exit from the room will take place per row and with the instructions of the ushers.