We will not sell our future

Direction: Nίκη Βελισσαροπούλου / Niki Velissaropoulou
Script/Script: Nίκη Βελισσαροπούλου / Niki Velissaropoulou
Editing/Edit: Avyyy Moureu
Producer/Production: Fanny Chrétien
Country of Production/Country: France / France
Duration: 53'
Production Year/Year: 2018
Language/Language: Greek / English
Subtitles/Subtitles: English / English


Garyfallia and Dimitra, two teenage girls, live in Halkidiki, threatened with environmental destruction unprecedented by the construction of an open gold mining mine. Experiencing intensely the dispute over the mine and the economic crisis, the two girls, with innocence and dynamism, decide to fight for their future.

Dimitra and Garyfallia, two teenage girls are living in the region of Halkidiki. When an open-air gold mining project threatens unprecedented environmental disaster, the two girls are drastically propelled into adult life. Plunged into the heart of the conflict and the Greek financial crisis, they decide to fight for their future.

Director's/Biography Biography:

Niki Velissaropoulou is a director, screenwriter, camerawoman and editor. He writes and directs fiction films, documentaries, as well as reports in Greece and France. He studied Education Sciences in Crete, Sociology at Grenoble, Philology at the Sorbonne, University IV in Paris and continued with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Film and Directing at the Viii University of Paris. Her short film Secret Gardens won the audience award at the Festival des à côtés in 2015 in France. Her documentary We Won't Sell Our Future won in France the Documentary Idea Award at the Figra Festival, the Audience Award at the Festival des à côtés in 2018 and the jury award at the Festival de films pour l'environnement in Canada in 2019.

Niki Velissaropoulou is a Greek screenwriter and director of documentaries, fiction short films and reportages. She studied Sciences of education in Crete, Sociology in Grenoble, as well as Literature and Cinema in Paris. Her fiction short film Secret gardens won the Audience Award at “Festival des à côtés” (France 2015). Her documentary We will not sell our future won the Award Coup de Pouce at FIGRA festival, the Audience Award at “Festival des à côtés” (France 2018) and the Jury Award at the Festival of Environmental Films (Canada 2019).