1902 Georges-Jean Méliès (Jorge Melies), the magician of cinema

In the films of the early years, there was neither aesthetic nor imagination. Georges Melies was the first to use the theatrical set design in His film, Journey to the Moon in 1902, which met with worldwide success.

Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès (8 December 1861 – 21 January 1938) was a French filmmaker and writer of fictional literature, known for the technical and narrative innovations he introduced during the early years of cinema's existence. He is considered one of the first directors in the history of cinema who contributed significantly to his transformation from technique to a new art form. His films include A Journey to the Moon (1902) and The Impossible Journey (1904), which both include strange and surreal journeys, close to the style of Jules Verne, and are considered among the most important first examples of science fiction films.

He was the first to create a film studio and create his own magical world. He will make 555 films, many of which will be destroyed, but he will go down in history as the magician of cinema.

In 2011, director Martin Scorsese will shoot the film "Hugo", based on the life of Melies.

Georges Jean Melies - CFF

Melies' first film was made in 1896 and was "Une partie de cartes", a lot of papers.

Card Party (1896) 1st GEORGES MELIES film - CFF

1896 "The Haunted Castle", in (Haunted Castle) it transpires the difference that it is going to make next...

The Haunted Castle 1896 - George Melies - CFF

1899 paints frame by frame his images. "La Colonne de feu", (The Pillar of Fire) is a sample of them.

Ateş Sütunu - La colonne de feu (1899) Georges Méliès - CFF

... as well as "Le Voyage de Gulliver", (The Voyages of Gulliver) in 1902.

1902 - Le Voyage De Gulliver À Lilliput Et Chez Les Géants - CFF

"Le Voyage dans la Lune", (A journey to the Moon).

Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902) - Georges Méliès - CFF

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