80 Years since the Battle of Crete, Memories and Reminiscences

80 Years since the Battle of Crete

Memories and Reminiscences

The Cultural Society of Crete, the Chania  Film Festival and the publications Compass of the City, 80 Years after the Battle of Crete remember and honor the Anniversary, the Fighters and the Place with a series of actions, publications and events, in collaboration with the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of  Chania and the Municipality of Platanias.

We invite you to a journey of Remembrance and Reflection, starting from and on the occasion of one of the greatest moments of resistance of the Cretan people against fascism.

Unique documents, collectible material, shocking testimonies compose our  interventions around   the  historical  event  and  the  social-political  implications  of time.

Specifically, we invite you from May 15th to remember the history of our country and honor the people:



Curator:  Lefteris Lambrakis

Collaboration: Maria Michelogianni

Exhibition Duration: Saturday 15 May  to  Sunday 30 May 2021

Opening hours: 10:00 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 22:00

Organization:  Region of Crete – Region of Crete-Regional Unit of  Chania-Municipality  of  Chania-CFSP-KAM-Cultural    Society of Crete


· With the publication of the book  Machi her Kritis | “We are we knew that grafamistoria …”” signed by Lefteris Lambrakis  in collaboration with the Matthaiou Frantzeskakis

Edition: Compass of the City  and  Chania Film Festival


· With the audiovisual tribute entitled “Tribute to the 80 Years since the Battle of Crete”

Location:  Municipal Cinema “KIPOS”

Duration: 24-28 May 2021

Hours: 20:30 – 22:30

Organization – Production – Organization: Region of  Crete – Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Chania – Municipality of Chania – CFSP-KAM – Cultural Society of Crete – Chania Film Festival


· With the action-event  “Memories of occupation 1940-1945”

Oral testimonies from the Program “Crete, Oral History”

Location:  Municipal Cinema “KIPOS”

Date:  Monday, May 24 , 2021

Hours: 20:30 – 22:30

Production:  Cultural Society of Crete


· With the publication  “CHANIA / Cinema in the years of occupation”

Author: Lefteris Lambrakis  and  Mattheos Frantzeskakis

Edition: Compass of the City  and  Chania Film Festival


· With the short film “Marika… why should you be afraid”

Research – Script – Direction:  Matthaios Frantzeskakis

Filming – Editing: Kostas Kosmadakis

Production:  Cultural Society of Crete  with the support of the Municipality of  Platanias

On Saturday, May 24, 1941, a group of Germans enters the house of Loufardantonis, in Kakopetros of the Municipality of Platanias, Chania and murders with their automatic five women and a two-year-old baby.

Maria remembers the story with us and her father telling her: Marika… why be afraid.

Premiere:  Municipal Cinema “KIPOS”

Date:  Monday, May 24 , 2021

Time: 20:30


· With the digital exhibition of poster and documents “Battle of Crete – 80 Years Later”

The exhibition will be available digitally and will be able to browse until  Thursday 15 July 2021

Curator:  Lefteris Lambrakis

Organization – Production:  Municipality of Platanias  and  Cultural Society of Crete