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PRESS RELEASE – INVITATION The Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Chania, the Cultural Center of Chania, the Chania Film Festival and the publications “Compass of the City”, have the honor to invite you to the presentation of the book “With the amaranth of victory stefanos. From the dusty trunk of Irene Kalfaki…” by

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Chania International Film Festival invite you on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11 a.m. to the “Takis Kanellopoulos” Hall of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival Film Museum at the presentation of the book “Film education: Art, culture and pedagogy” by Dimitris Papadopoulos , published by “Compass of the

Reissue of Books by Roviros Manthoulis

World to me (Volumes 1 and 2)Roviros ManthoulisFormat: 14X21Volume1Pages: 616Year of Publication: 2021Price: 26,50ISBN: 978-618-5364-30-4 Volume2Pages: 236Year of Publication: 2021Price: 13,25ISBN: 978-618-5364-28-1Publications: PEK – Compass of the City for the Chania Film Festival Compass of the City publications and the Chania Film Festival are pleased to reissue 2 important books by Roviros Manthoulis. The World,

3 Books on Cinema and Education

Cinema in the Educational Community is an integral part of the Chania Film Festival. Screenings, workshops and publications compose our intervention in the field.Two new relevant publications and a reissue have been released these days on the subject of Cinema and Education. Guide to approaching movies with childrenCollective – Curator: Stavros GrosdosFormat: 20X20Pages: 76 Year

Two book presentations include the program of the8th Chania International Film Festival on the weekend of 24 and 25 October 2020 at 12 noon at the Cultural Center of Chania. On Saturday, October 24 at 12 noon will be presented the last book of Niki Troullinou Uranus from Ash, Potamos Publications.About the book will talk:

NEW BOOK CHANIA Cinema during the occupation Lefteris Lambrakis and Matthaios Frantzeskakis Format: 15,5x24Pages : 40Year of publication: 2021ISBN : 978-618-5364-35-9Price : 10 eurosPublications : PEK – Compass of the CityFor the Chania Film Festival Series: Small Notebooks   The Battle of Crete, a special moment in the course of this War, the moment that

Film education: Art, culture and pedagogy Dimitris Papadopoulos Figure 17X24, Pages 284, Year of publication: 2021 ISBN: 978-618-5364-32-8 Price: 22,26 € Publications: PEK – Compass of the City For the Chania Film Festival Series: Cinema and Education This book examines the prerequisites, objectives and possibilities arising from Film Education and recommends its integration as an

NEW BOOK BATTLE OF CRETE “We knew we were writing History…” Lefteris Lambrakis In collaboration with Matthaios Frantzeskakis Format: 17X24Pages : 212Year edition: 2021ISBN : 978-618-5364-36-6Price 21.20 euroPublications : PEK – Compass of the CityFor the Chania Film Festival Series: Local – Oral History A book – a tribute to the Top Historical Event, of

The detailed program of the 7th Chania Film Festival was announced today, which will take place from 23 October to 2 November at the Cultural Center of Chania. The program of the films as well as the parallel actions was posted on the festival’s website at where you can also find the festival’s catalogue

80 Years since the Battle of Crete Memories and Reminiscences The Cultural Society of Crete, the Chania  Film Festival and the publications Compass of the City, 80 Years after the Battle of Crete remember and honor the Anniversary, the Fighters and the Place with a series of actions, publications and events, in collaboration with the Region of Crete, the Regional

Grosdos - Books - Chania Film Festival

How do we approach a motion picture with children? With what actions do children acquire skills in writing original scripts? How do we turn a literary story into a script? Can films be used as stimuli and techniques for writing scripts or narratives? What are the steps to create digital stories? The multitude of film

The stork’s suspended step 27 years later

“We who had nothing we had will teach them peace” George Seferis, Novel KD’ “we must remain silent in order to be able to hear” The stork’s suspended step (1991) The Chania Film Festival with this edition, meets the timelessly timely film of the great Greek director, Theo Angelopoulos. The stork’s suspended step was the

Walter Lassally : A Conversation

” From the age of fifteen I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life. So, as soon as I finished school, I started trying to get into the cinema. There was still a war going on, it was in ’43, it was not easy. I walked into a photography studio that made

Markakis - Chania Film Festival

Presentation of books by Giorgis Markakis

The Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Chania, the Medical Association of Chania, the Cultural Society of Crete and the Museum of Traditional Life of Crete “LYCHNOSTATIS”, co-organize the presentation of the books of Giorgis Markakis, THE FIRST DAUGHTERSmantinada in the life of Crete FLASHES IN A DARK CHAMBER the background… medical history (B’


We invite you on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. at the Cultural Center of Chania, to the presentation of the book: Cinematographer and Creative Writing, Film Literacy Lessons, by Stavros Grosdos, by Compass of the City for the Chania Film Festival. On the occasion of the book, the following discuss

“The Cinema Notebooks of Giorgis Manousakis” , curated by Lefteris Lambrakis, is one of the new editions of the Chania International Film Festival, which will be presented on Saturday, October 31, 2020, at 19.00, at the Cultural Center of Chania. The following will talk about the book: Matthaios Frantzeskakis, Director of the Chania Film Festival