Stavros Grosdos “Cinema and Creative Writing. Film literacy courses.”

How do we approach a motion picture with children? With what actions do children acquire skills in writing original scripts? How do we turn a literary story into a script? Can films be used as stimuli and techniques for writing scripts or narratives? What are the steps to create digital stories?

The multitude of film literacy activities and creative writing activities proposed in this book use films as stimuli. The activity of the young and the big unfolds in the enchanting world of the cinema screen. Readers of the book, teachers, animators and animators of the workshops, parents, students and students, having approached a multitude of teaching multi-exemplary proposals, will be able to plan activities to approach films for children, inside and outside the school, to plan and implement creative writing activities with the stimuli of the films and to animate the children in the production of simple film products, in workshops with an open environment, rich in stimuli, a variety of actions and surprises.

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