Chania Film Festival: Master Classes began with Maro Kouris and Angelos Floros

On Friday (25/10), as part of the Chania Film Festival, the workshops and Master Classes for adults began. Workshops that are placed in the context of the wider contribution of the Chania Film Festival, to the society in the field of knowledge, on issues that concern or are in direct or indirect relation to cinema in general. The first day of the Master Classes of Chania Film Festival began with the experiential photographic workshop of the well-known and award-winning photographer Mr. Maro Kouri, who honors with her presence the 7th Film Festival. The workshop that had a fairly large audience is titled “Photographing with the click of the heart” and will continue Saturday (26/10) and Sunday (27/10).


Maro Kouri is an award-winning photographer, she has traveled almost all over the world, she has visited 70 countries, as recently counted by her two daughters, she has photographed everyone. From Nelson Mandela, Umberto Eco and the hands of Dimitris Mytaras, to the human suffering in Palestine, the poverty in Ethiopia, the refugee crisis and the crisis in Greece.

Maro Kouri has spent 27 years in the field of combat photojournalism, with international distinctions. He has published in the world’s largest journals, including National Geographic. She has traveled to the most distant corners of the Earth to cover with her camera social, political and historical events.

In 2009 he was awarded the 1st prize at the SCOOP International Photojournalism Competition in France for the theme “The Amulet – the Albinos of Tanzania”. “LIFE” magazine has also singled her out as a Photo of the Year for her image titled “Fiery Wings” that she drew at the violent events in Syntagma in October 2011.

On Friday (25/10) also began a Master Class workshop entitled the “Digital Body and Audiovisual Narration” with animator the Assistant Professor of the Ionian University Mr. Angelos Floros. The workshop that also attended a large audience refers to the knowledge of tools for digital recording in the three-dimensional format. This workshop will continue Saturday (26/10), Sunday (27/10) and Monday (28/10).


Angelos Floros is an assistant professor at the Ionian University in the field of interactive installations. He teaches at the Department of Arts, Sound and Image of the Ionian University ( and at the postgraduate program of the Athens School of Fine Arts ‘Digital Forms of Art’. He studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1997) and interactive telecommunications in New York, at the ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program) of the Tisch School of the Arts of NYU University (2002) where he began his research activity on the integration of innovative applications of information science and physical computing in the Arts, Design and Architecture.

He participated in international exhibitions, such as the Prague Quaderenniale 2003, the Venice Biennale 2006, the 1st Thessaloniki Biennale 2008 and others.

Since 2019 he is the director of the Audiovisual Arts Festival ( of the School of Music and Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University in Corfu.

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