A walk in Akrotiri Cross, memories unfolded about the director of photography of the “Zorba” Walter Lassally. Screening of a film about Lassally in Kounoupidiana

Highly constructive and successful proved in practice, the initiative the 7th Chania Film Festival that organized a walk in Stavros Akrotiri, on Sunday, October 27, the place where the “Zorba”. The participation of the people was very large and the participants exceeded 100!

It was an interesting tour, for a reference to the mythical Zorba and its author, Nikos Kazantzakis. For the film whose frames became the ultimate tourist advertisement for the Cretan land.

The tour began at the Cultural Center of the Parish of Kounoupidiana , where the screening of Prokopis Dafnos’ film, “WALTER LASSALLY, The Itinerant Cameraman”, took place in the presence of the Director. In fact, present at the tour was the great cinematographer Nikos Kavoukidis who was a teacher of Prokopis Dafnos. Before the screening of the film, a greeting was addressed by Director of the Chania Film Festival Mathios Frantzeskakis, Giorgos Stasinakis, president of the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis and Ambassador of Hellenism, Sifis Michelogiannis Vice-President of the Greek Section of DEFNK and head of the Department of Crete, who also made a presentation “From friendship to fiction and cinema” and of course Nikos Kavoukidis and director Prokopis Dafnos.

Then, the Actor & Collector Lefteris Lambrakis unfolded, in a speech at the Cultural Beautification Association of Stavros, the thread of his memories from the meeting with Walter Lassally, the man who with his film camera captured the beauties of our country and who gave him an Academy Award. The shooting of the film lasted a total of sixteen weeks, including five weeks on the Cross. For their experiences from the life of Lassally in Stavros spoke and residents of the region, who lived him and completed in the most ideal way, the “puzzle” of a very warm and interesting discussion.

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