At the Chania Film Festival, the Deputy Minister of Education responsible for Higher Education Vassilis Digalakis – “A commendable effort that shows the level and culture of our city”

On the 5th day of the Festival The Deputy Minister of Education, responsible for Issues of Higher Education, Vassilis Digalakis, honored with his presence with his presence.

Mr. Digalakis praised the effort of the organizers of the Chania Film Festival that has now been established in the consciences of the local, and not only, society and defended its educational role since the workshops are a source of knowledge for children of all ages.

“A commendable effort that shows the level and culture of our city. An event that gives the opportunity to our fellow citizens to see quality films. Chania Film Festival also has an educational dimension. It is an activity that lasts all year round. Students who make films participate, with help in production, learn important things about cinema and open new horizons for them to get involved in this art as well”, pointed out Mr. Digalakis, who added:

“The third dimension of the event is related to the advertising of our country. It can give an opportunity to foreign visitors to visit the event and this event, extend the tourist season.” The Deputy Minister of Education toured the festival premises, saw the exhibitions, talked with the organizers and the Director Mathios Frantzeskakis and praised the effort being made at all levels. On top of that, the Deputy Minister of Education saw the film “When Wagner met the tomatoes” by Marianna Economou.

“I know he’s nominated for an Oscar. It shows the effort of some residents in a rural village, against the tendency to leave the province to find their fortune in the center, to try to keep their village and their production alive,” said in closing Mr. Digalakis.

The Chania Film Festival and its Educational Programs

are under the auspices of:
of the Ministries

Education and Religious Affairs,

Culture and Sports,


and of the Greek National Tourism Organization

are supported by the Greek Parliament,

are designed and implemented

by the Cultural Society of Crete,

are co-organized by

the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania,

the Cultural Center of Chania,

of the Municipalities of Chania and Platanias

and of the CFSP-KAM

and have the synergy of the most important Bodies

his Film, Culture and Education.

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