NEW BOOK: BATTLE OF CRETE “We knew we were writing History…” by Lefteris Lambrakis in collaboration with Matthaios Frantzeskakis



“We knew we were writing History…”

Lefteris Lambrakis
In collaboration with Matthaios Frantzeskakis

Format: 17X24Pages
: 212Year
edition: 2021ISBN
: 978-618-5364-36-6Price
21.20 euroPublications
: PEK – Compass of the CityFor
the Chania
Film Festival
Series: Local – Oral History

A book – a tribute to the Top Historical Event, of about 200 pages, which will be a reference point of both the events that took place during the Battle, as well as the feelings of people who experienced them. The book is based on primary sources, and is formed after thorough research. For the first time it includes the reports of the Press Agencies, during the Battle, thus achieving the vibrancy of the events day by day. It should be noted that for the first time we are watching the important historical Battle through the war communiqués. Also, texts and words of the warriors of both sides, as well as testimonies of the brave Cretans, the unimaginable heroisms of women, who fought courageously and until the final fall against the Axis powers.

Particular emphasis is given to the importance of the Battle for the evolution of the Second World War, as the “other side” of the war is presented. Another important reference in the book is the radio speech of Nikos Kazantzakis on the Battle of Crete, as well as the manuscript of Sophocles Venizelos’ speech in Egypt in 1943. Finally, a special aspect of it are the texts of well-known Artists from Chania, such as those of Giorgis Manousakis, Victoria Theodorou and Catherine Kokovlis of Irineos Galanakis, who describe how they experienced the German attack on our island, child beings. The texts are accompanied by unpublished archival photographic material, newspapers, posters, magazines and other documents of that time, giving the reader a complete look at History.

Hundreds of books have been written about the Battle of Crete and as many estimates and evaluations have been made. The difference of the book that we propose to you for publication is that it resorts to the sources, researching the era through its recording at the time and the speech of its protagonists. It is thus a special reference to the Battle of Crete, able to keep memory alive in the present and in the future and to give due honor, 80 years later.

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