The stork’s suspended step 27 years later

“We who had nothing we had will teach them peace” George Seferis, Novel KD’ “we must remain silent in order to be able to hear” The stork’s suspended step (1991)

The Chania Film Festival with this edition, meets the timelessly timely film of the great Greek director, Theo Angelopoulos. The stork’s suspended step was the first film of the border trilogy, starring Marcello Mastroyani and Jeanne Moreau. An important film about the political deadlocks, about the disturbed and unclear borders due to wars and civil conflicts. In this book, rare material, reviews and newspaper clippings about the film are presented, as well as biographies of its three creators, the Director Theo Angelopoulos, the Director of Photography Giorgos Arvanitis and the composer Eleni Karaindrou. The stork’s suspended step was filmed in 1991 and today 27 years later – it is really – more relevant than ever. The book is edited by Lefteris Lambrakis and the texts of Antonis Perivorakis and Lefteris Lambrakis.