Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Chania Film Festival proposes a film created by students and teachers of Chania as part of its educational programs. A film about the annihilation of the Jewish community in Crete. SEE: Title: Tanais – And the padlocks never openedScript – Direction: Film Group of Nea Kydonia High School of ChaniaDuration

“Voices” – Oral History in the foreground”Another journey into Oral History has begun. With the participation of seventy (70) trainees, the training of the Educational Program began on Saturday, January 9, 2021. “Voices” – Oral History at the forefront” implemented by the Cultural Society of Crete and the Chania Film Festival co-organized with Region of

Με μεγάλη συμμετοχή συνεχίζονται τα Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα του Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Χανίων

Great participation, enthusiasm and creative meetings characterize the Educational Programs of the Chania Film Festival, which are also implemented during the current school year, 2021-2022. A few hundred trainees from all over Greece participate in the monthly synchronous and asynchronous training sessions, which are implemented through the educational platform: https://e-learning.cff-e-edu.gr/moodle/ and the educational site: https://cff-e-edu.gr/

The Primary School of Deryneia B’ and the Primary School of Pazino in Chania were at the 9th Chania International Film Festival for the screening of their film “Unraveling the Skein. 47 years later!” Particularly moving are the moments during the screening of the film, which concerns the invasion of the Turks in Cyprus as

CFF9: Educational Workshops and Screenings

Ten unique masterclasses and workshops await the friends of the9th Chania International Film Festival (20-30 / 10 / 2021). Ten masterclasses and workshops for friends of film, education and culture!   See in detail their content and register for FREE participation: https://archive.chaniafilmfestival.com/masterclasses-9cff/ *A first come, first served basis will be followed. **Certificates of participation will

The Chania Film Festival announces educational and educational programs for the school year 2021-2022 and invites the educational community to participate in them, without any financial burden. The educational programs, which will be carried out remotely (synchronous and asynchronous education), are certified and implemented under the auspices and approval of the Ministry of Education and

Good morning everyone, We would like to inform you that in the next 2 days (Friday 30 and Saturday 31 July 2021) we will be ELOUNDA to talk about the program “Crete, Oral History”. All this at the invitation of the Library “Manolis Fountoulakis” which completes this year 10 years of operation and celebrates with

Let’s go Serbia! With the unique and beloved documentary “One school, two worlds!” of the Primary School of Emprosniero. One of the films of the educational programs of the Chania International Film Festival is the only Greek participation in the 19th Seize the Film / Uhvati Film Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Festival will

OPEN CALL: “TAKE A SEAT”.. and narrate..

Recording of Stories related to cinema at school by the Chania Film Festival. “TAKE A SEAT” … (and) tell film stories from school life.” The research and recording team of stories and narratives of the Chania International Film Festival invites you to actively participate in a film storytelling action! We are looking for you who:·

6 Days Cinema Project - Chania Film Festival

6 Days #cinemaproject for students!

The 8th Chania International Film Festival offers a unique experience to a group of 10 children, who want to live within 6 days the experience of creating a short film. Detailed Information and Registrations:https://archive.chaniafilmfestival.com/6days/

The Chania Film Festival, faithful to the trust shown by the educational community of Crete, invites school communities that are interested in participating in the new cycle of actions of its educational programs cine Lessons and True Stories / CreDoc as they register electronically at the address https://bit.ly/2WODPzN The planning foresees a) a cycle of

With particular interest and a dense program, another three-day event was completed at the Cultural Center of Chania, of the educational programs of the Chania International Film Festival. On Friday 24/1 the creative team of the cine graphs program, which consists of trainees who are inthe 3rd year of participation in the program, participated in

Another creative three-day event (14-16 February 2020) was completed, full of film activities from the Chania International Film Festival. Dozens of teachers and students participated from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon in the successive and parallel monthly meetings of the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival. Specifically, during the three-day event, the following meetings

10 Docus CFF

Trailer: https://youtu.be/oqZMFHk7XwY Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/2rUbwAVlJ Browse through the program of the action With my Documentary I Travel The 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is the starting point of the action With my Documentary I Travel of the Chania International Film Festival. Ten documentaries – out of about 70 – that have been created in recent years

Eleven awards were won by films created by Schools of Chania, within the framework of the Educational Programs cine Lessons and CReDoc / Crete, Oral History, of the Chania Film Festival, in the 11th International Student Short Film Competition “Cinema… did you read?!” It is worth noting that the films were created in the first

The Cultural Athletic Organization of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos- PAODAN and the Chania Film Festival in collaboration with the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Lassithi invite you to the open events, entitled: Film Days for the educational community, Agios Nikolaos. which will take place over the two-day period 2 and 3 October

Film education: Art, culture and pedagogy Dimitris Papadopoulos Figure 17X24, Pages 284, Year of publication: 2021 ISBN: 978-618-5364-32-8 Price: 22,26 € Publications: PEK – Compass of the City For the Chania Film Festival Series: Cinema and Education This book examines the prerequisites, objectives and possibilities arising from Film Education and recommends its integration as an

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School Screenings & Workshops

SCREENINGS AND WORKSHOPS CAN BE ATTENDED BY STUDENTS FROM SCHOOLS ONLY WITH A DECLARATION OF PARTICIPATION AND SUBSEQUENT RELEVANT PROGRAMMING WITH THE FESTIVAL. For any information, clarification, query please contact us at e-mail: [email protected] • Film screenings THURSDAY 24/10/2019 TUESDAY 29/10/2019 WEDNESDAY 30/10/2019 THURSDAY 31/10/2019 FRIDAY 1/11/2019 9:00-11:00 Title Kuba: A Zebra And a Half

The monthly, remote meetings of the annual educational programs of the Chania Film Festival for the school year 2020-2021 continue with great participation and undiminished interest, with the participation of hundreds of teachers from all over Greece. Despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, the Chania International Film Festival continues, consistently, its educational programs through

Of the Three Hierarchs today. Celebration with religious references but also clear timeless social messages. · Social action and interest in people · Deep love for letters and the value of education With the celebration as an occasion, the Chania Film Festival proposes an ODE documentary on EDUCATION and love for letters as a window