Three days full of educational activities from the Chania International Film Festival

Another creative three-day event (14-16 February 2020) was completed, full of film activities from the Chania International Film Festival. Dozens of teachers and students participated from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon in the successive and parallel monthly meetings of the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival.

Specifically, during the three-day event, the following meetings took place:

  • Friday, February 14th: Meeting of the documentary’s creation team in real conditions (Stavros Grosdos, Angelos Kovotsos). Preparing for the shooting.
  • Saturday, February 15: Workshop “Film Club for Children”. The team exchanged experiences, watched films and designed actions for all school classes, of all levels (Coordination: Stavros Grosdos / Support: Litsa Skoulika).
  • Sunday, February 16: Cine Graphs, Workshop: Cinematic Literacy in Education. Invited trainer is the director Maria Leonida. As part of the meeting, we decoded and created cinematic images.
  • On Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of February, successive meetings were held with the schools that create documentaries in the framework of the educational programs cineleathema and CREDOC of the Festival (Coordination: Angelos Kovotsos / Implementation Team: Kostas Kosmadakis, Kyriakos Charitakis, Manolis Leventelis, Kostas Marinakis, Katerina Koroniotaki, Patras Vergeraki, Sofia Nebavlaki)
  • Sunday, February 16: workshop to approach documentary and film media techniques. (Kyriakos Charitakis).

The above three days were with us a group of French pedagogical students, who were informed about the educational programs of the Festival. At the same time, they attended and participated in the actions that took place.

Finally, we note that in parallel with the workshops, in the previous days there have been intensive shooting of student documentaries in the context of the relevant programs of the Chania Film Festival.