5 days full of viewing, action and creation from the Chania International Film Festival were completed

A five-day event (10-14 April 2019) was completed, full of rich activities of the Chania International Film Festival.

We started on Wednesday, April 10th with the two-day tribute to films of the 21st Documentary Festival in the packed ATTIKON.

Thursday and Friday, in the morning hours we co-organized with the PE.K.E.S. of Crete and the coordinators Mrs. Hara Andreadou and Mrs. Athina Doulia – educational coordinators P.E. – training seminar on creative writing with our partner as rapporteur Stavros Grosdo.

Thursday and Friday, we participated – for one more year – the festival of digital creation organized at the Cultural Center of Chania, screening films created within the framework of our teachers programs and at the same time we implemented film seminars in groups of schools.

Our program of actions continued on Friday the afternoon with the presentation of the book Cinema and Creative Writing by Stavros Grosdos. On Saturday afternoon, students of the 13th High School of Heraklion, attended our two-hour action “Cinematography Club at school”, watching a short film and participating in experiential exercises on the occasion of the film and the art of cinema.

On Sunday morning, another meeting was held. our teacher work group cine Graphs, while in the afternoon of the same day the design and shooting of an animation film took place, with the local department Chania of the Hellenic Driving Corps.

Of course, all the previous days were in progress shooting films of schools of the Regional Unit of Chania in the context of the action cineLearning.

A rich five days with participation, action, education, creation and of course enthusiasm. Activities throughout the year from the Chania Film Festival.