Another rich weekend with Cine Charts from the Chania International Film Festival

With a rich program, the educational activities of Cine Graphs, which are an educational program of the Chania Film Festival, continued on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17, 2019.

On Saturday afternoon, at the 10th Primary School of Chania, an experiential action was organized – a proposal of the Festival, the operation of a Film Club, with the participation of the entire educational community (students, teachers, parents). About forty people enjoyed the film: Sing/Sing/Mindenki by Kristof Deak. Then, at the urging of the animators, they developed a personal relationship with the film and its creator, discussed the feelings that were born with the look of the film, remembered and described similar experiences, discovered the expressive means and techniques used by the director. Then they played, parents and children together, cinematic games with stimuli from scenes of the film. In this way, they linked the viewing of an audiovisual product with the enjoyment of the game.

On Sunday morning, the 4th monthly meeting was held at the Training Workshop for teachers: How do we make documentaries with children? The documentary Kayayo/The Pack animals by Mari Bakke Riise was screened and discussed. On the occasion of the film, activities for elementary and high school children were designed by the teachers themselves. Then, in a laboratory way, the questions were answered: How do we choose the topic, how do we research and collect material together with the children before we start making a documentary?

The two films used the workshops were donated by the YOUTH PLAN AND the Olympia Festival for Children and Young People.

The cinegraphs are one of the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival and were designed to cover an integrated approach to audiovisual and cinematic literacy. They are addressed to primary and secondary education teachers of the P.E. of Chania, with the following objectives:

  • the cultivation of Film Education in their school
  • the knowledge and approach of tools-means, the technology of cinema and its implications
  • getting to know the methods and techniques by which the film product is produced
  • the development of a critical attitude (study-research) towards film products (expressive conventions and optical media)
  • the use of audiovisual tools for the development of personal expression skills (production of audiovisual products), development, organization and creation of audiovisual presentations in their school
  • interdisciplinary approaches with other scientific fields, such as photography, visual image, music, movement, literature, creative writing

Cine Charts along with cineLearning and True Stories / Crete Education Documentary Project (CR. E. DOC) as well as Crete Oral History are the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival.

  • The Chania Film Festival (CFF) and its educational activities are under the auspices of the Ministries of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and Culture and Sports, are supported by the Hellenic Parliament, are designed and implemented by the Cultural Society of Crete and are co-organized by the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Cultural Center of Chania, the Municipalities of Chania and Platanias and have the synergy of the most important actors of cinema, culture and education.

The actions of the Chania Film Festival HAVE THE APPROVAL of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs Φ13.1/ 126527 /Δ2 /25.07.2018 based on the positive recommendation of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) with the no. Cfi. 28/14-06-2018. Scope of application are school units throughout Crete.