OPEN CALL: “TAKE A SEAT”.. and narrate..

Recording of Stories related to cinema at school by the Chania Film Festival.

“TAKE A SEAT” … (and) tell film stories from school life.”

The research and recording team of stories and narratives of the Chania International Film Festival invites you to actively participate in a film storytelling action!

We are looking for you who:
· You are a teacher who dealt with cinema in the schools of Crete in the past.

· You are a collector of objects related to cinema in a school environment.

· You participated in film screenings and film activities in your school in the past.

· You have in your personal archive visual (photographs, pictures, sketches, cartoons, posters, etc.) and written (documents, invitations, screening programs, articles, publications, notebooks, instructions for the operation of devices, etc.) material from film screenings in schools in Crete.

We will be very happy to record a story you want to tell about a cinematic experience of yours, a cinematic event, a cinematic object… for something “cinematic” that happened in a school in Crete in the past.

Contact us by calling 6970651153 phone or by sending an e-mail to the