With undiminished interest and great participation, the Educational Programs of the Chania International Film Festival continue

The monthly, remote meetings of the annual educational programs of the Chania Film Festival for the school year 2020-2021 continue with great participation and undiminished interest, with the participation of hundreds of teachers from all over Greece.

Despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, the Chania International Film Festival continues, consistently, its educational programs through its educational platform: https://e-learning.cff-e-edu.gr/moodle/ and its educational site: https://cff-e-edu.gr/.

By activating a series of educational tools, the Festival’s educational team adapted the programs to the needs of distance education, enabling the development of a vibrant training community, in which teachers from all over the country meet in trainings focused on film and the wider audiovisual education. At the same time, for the needs of the trainings, educational material was created – in digital and printed form – which supported the trainees.

In the above context, the following programmes are in progress:

  • Film Club at the School

The Film Club at school is the educational proposal of the Chania Film Festival for the organization and operation of a Film Club within the school environment.
In each session a film is projected and then the trainees are initiated in the design of actions approaching the film, which are addressed to the age group of the students of the school class and the level in which they teach. Teachers’ experiences and skills are transferred to the classroom. Teachers screen a film -every 20 days- to their students and implement selected activities-games.

  • Cine Charts / Cinematic Literacy in Education

Cinegraphs is a Film Literacy Program in Education by the Chania Film Festival.
Participants are initiated into the methods and techniques by which films are produced as cultural products (study and critical approach of audiovisual products) and then use the above experiences and skills to organize audiovisual expression workshops for children (inside and outside the classroom). The aim is to achieve steps towards audiovisual literacy, i.e. the acquisition of skills (teachers and students), not only of viewing / consumption (use), but also of critical evaluation of audiovisual products (with the possible creation of visual concepts and the production of visual messages).

  • Make a Photo-History!

The aim of the action is for teachers, students to enjoy the enchanting world of photography, to approach empirical photographs, to express their feelings, to reveal the intentions of the photographers’ creators, to get to know the tools and techniques of photography and finally, to create photographs – depicting concepts – and photo-stories using creative writing techniques.

  • cineLearning / True Stories / CRete Education Documentary Project (CR. E.DOC)

Film-making programs in the school community with emphasis on documentaries and themes from local history.

  • Voices – Oral History in the Spotlight

The aim of the program is to sensitize the participants and multiply the local community on issues of local, public and oral history and to create, after training and education, a nuclear group of researchers of oral history in thematic areas related to the history of Crete. In the objectives of the program are the acquisition of skills of historical research, design, oral interview taking, technical processing of material of oral interviews, archiving material and creation of a repository of oral interviews, the use of oral testimonies for use in the community and education. In addition, the creation of audiovisual products -documentaries and short narrative films based on data from the repository of oral testimonies that will be created.

We note that:

  • The participation IN ALL the educational programs of the Chania International Film Festival take place without any financial charge to the participants.
  • The educational programs of the Chania Film Festival have the approval and the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, following a positive recommendation by the Institute of Educational Policy.
  • The educational programs of the Chania Film Festival are certified by ACTA – Spin-off of the University of Thessaloniki.
  • The Chania Film Festival and its educational activities are implemented with the support and cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, EKOME, the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Platanias and the Municipality of Chania.

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