Invitation for the participation of Teachers and Students in the Educational and Educational Programs of the Chania Film Festival for the school year 2021-2022

The Chania Film Festival announces educational and educational programs for the school year 2021-2022 and invites the educational community to participate in them, without any financial burden.

The educational programs, which will be carried out remotely (synchronous and asynchronous education), are certified and implemented under the auspices and approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, following a positive recommendation by the Institute of Educational Policy.

All programs aim at the acquisition by the participants of audiovisual literacy skills, but also at the transfer of the acquired experience and knowledge in the classroom by implementing activities.

The content of the programs is updated every year: renewed goals, different material (films, etc.) and new actions.

In this context, the Chania International Film Festival announces the following programs and fast-paced actions.

A) Annual educational and training programmes

Those interested can register for up to two programs and ONLY ELECTRONICALLY until October 15, 2021. The programmes will start after the second half of October.


Steps towards audiovisual literacy, children and adults

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· Film Club at school

The enjoyment of watching and critically approaching films with the children in the classroom with playful activities.

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· Make a Photo-History!

The creation and approach of photographs by children, the production of photo-stories and the creative writing.

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· “Voices – the oral story in the foreground”

Sensitization of the participants and multiplication of the local community on issues of local, public and oral history and the creation, after training and education, of a nuclear group of researchers of oral history in thematic areas related to the history of Crete.

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Lessons and True Stories (

FILM CREATION in a School Environment, with emphasis on documentary that draws material from local and oral history.

It is underlined that the program is addressed ONLY to Schools of the Regional Unit of Chania.

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B) Rapid actions

· Film Club at school (duration of two teaching hours)

The teacher presents to their students a film, which he/she has selected from a list of films. It then selects and implements one or more suggested activities-games of cinematic literacy in the classroom.

The action will take place remotely (asynchronous education) and registration can be done at any time throughout the school year.

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· Music in the Cinema

The action includes two distance (modern education) meetings

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See the detailed descriptions for all programmes and actions at:

For questions and/or clarifications please email:
[email protected]

All its actions and educational programs of the9th Chania Film Festival and the Chania Film Festival in Education / CFFedu, which will be implemented during the school year 2021-2022, have the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs based on the Decision 114778 15-09-2021.


The Director of the Chania Film Festival

Matthaios Frantzeskakis