A student film about the tragedy of Tanais

27/01- International day of remembrance of victims of the Holocaust with a student film from the Chania Film Festival

The Chania International Film Festival proposes to revisit a film created by students and teachers of Chania as part of its educational programs. A film about the annihilation of the Jewish community in Crete.

SEE THN TAINIA HERE: https://youtu.be/-ym_vTEZliY
Title: Tanais – And the padlocks never opened
Script: – Direction: Film Group of the High School of Nea Kydonia, Chania
Duration: 13′ 15”
Production Year: 2019
Production: Cultural Society of Crete / Chania Film Festival
In June 1944, the Germans boarded and closed the Jews of Crete and a group of rebels in the holds of the ship Tanais. The place of arrival is well known. One of the concentration camps… The ship was sunk by British torpedoes because it was believed to be carrying supplies for the German army. The ship sank and took with it to the wet grave the people and their stories.
The film was created as part of the educational programs “cine Lessons and True Stories/CRete Education Documentary Project (CR. E.DOC)” of the Chania International Film Festival.