Blue Angel / Der blaue Engel (1930)

Der blaue Engel - CFF

Blue Angel/ Der blaue Engel (1930)

"Blue Angel" was the -really- first, complete, talking film that was shot in Germany.

The mythical film of the interwar period was directed by Josef Von Sternberg, who also wrote the screenplay along with the dramatist Carl Zuckmayer, an adaptation of the novel "Professor Unrat", written by Heinrich Mann, in 1905.

The classic work of Josef von Sternberg is an unbeatable snapshot of the Weimar Republic. It was filmed in 1930, after the global financial crash, at a time when cinema was taking its tentative steps in sound.

The Marlene Dietrich is the famous
, the attractive cabaret dancer who excels in a nightclub, the The Blue Angel, and the Emil Jannings plays professor
Immanuel Rath
, a pompous, cruel and lonely teacher who approaches her to confront her when he finds hidden photos of her in his students' school notebooks. Their acquaintance will lead the professor to a destructive love, misery and public ridicule.

With her silver hat and transparent underwear, Dietrich became world famous by singing with a hoarse voice falling in love again, an anthem for love and passionate lovers! The film was shot in German and English, giving the protagonist the opportunity to continue her career in the United States.

Although Dietrich had appeared in several silent films in her hometown, "Blue Angel" raised her to the top. It was also the film that began her famous and iconic collaboration - for 7 films - with director Josef Von Sternberg.

In 1936, Dietrich was the most expensive actress in the world. In 1939, changing her citizenship to American, she was booed by the German people, while the press devoted headlines to her calling her a traitor to the homeland. During World War II, he stood against the Third Reich and Nazism.

The famous star, who became a cinematic prison, will leave her life at her home in Paris on May 6, 1992, at the age of 90.

Der blaue Engel - CFF
Der blaue Engel - CFF
Der blaue Engel - CFF

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