Pasaz's Birds / Birds of Passage

Direction: Olivier Ringer
Script/Script: Yves Ringer, Olivier Ringer
Country of Production/Country: Belgium, France/ Belgium, France
Duration: 84'
Production Year/Year: 2015
Language/Language: French/ French
Subtitles/Subtitles: Greek / English


Once you become ten years old. For her birthday, Cathy's father, gives her an unusual gift: a duck egg. Her father warns her: the first person to see the duckling when he is born will think she is his mom. Against all odds, this person is Margaux. While Cathy is ready to let Margaux play the role of duck mother, the latter's parents take a different view: overwhelmed by their daughter's condition (she suffers from a severe physical disability and is stuck in a wheelchair), they do not believe that she is capable of taking care of him. Desperate to finally live a normal life, Margaux runs away with Cathy so that she can take care of her duckling away from the grown-ups who are trying to stop her from doing.

For Cathy, it is not always easy to be born on February 29th, especially when for her birthday, her father gives her an egg to hatch. But it is probably less difficult than to be suffering from myopathy as her best friend Margaux...