SOSibio / SOSivio

Direction: Nikolaos Galanis, Nikos Konstantakis / Nikolaos Galanis, Nikos Konstantakis
Script/Script:Nikolaos Galanis / Nikolaos Galanis
Director of Photography/Photography: -
Editing/Édit: -
Music: -
Producer/Production: Students of Primary School of Kounavoi / Students of Primary School in Kounavi
Country of Production/Country: Greece / Greece
Duration: 8' 54"
Year of Production/Year: 2016
Language/Language: Greek / English
Subtitles: -


The first grade, with the help of their teachers, Nikos Galanis and Nikos Konstantakis, created a short film on the refugee issue starring the students themselves. What happens when a refugee child comes to the Greek school to attend? Is everything a bad dream or the grim reality?

Europe and especially Greece are facing a huge problem with multiple consequences, refugee crisis. The students of Primary School in Kounavi, Crete could not stay indifferent. Despite being only 6-7 years old they decided to make a short film about this issue. A Syrian kid comes at school as a student. Students' reactions lead to unexpected dreams. Reality is a dream or dreams are real? Could a western child be at the position of many Syrian kids?

Director's/Biography Biography:

Nikolaos Galanis is a teacher who wanders around the elementary schools of Greece carrying with him his madness for filming. His first project with his students was the video clip against bullying First train which was a huge success. This was followed by other student productions such as the short film SOSivio on the refugee issue, the film spot All that unites us dedicated to Cyprus and the film Ah, the one that travels nostalgically to the old school years.

Nikolaos Galanis is a teacher who walks around the Primary schools of Greece, carrying with him his passion for filmmaking. His first work with his students, was a video clip against school bullying The first train that has been a huge success. He has also created other student productions such as short films and cinema spots.