The Mini and the Honey Thieves / Mini And The Mozzies

Direction: Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller
Script/Script: Flemming Quist Møller
Music/Music: Jesper Mechlenburg
Country of Production/Country: Denmark / Denmark
Duration: 75'
Production Year/Year: 2014
Language/Language: Danish / Danish
Subtitles/Subtitles: Greek / English


Mini the beetle appears in a circus of bugs along with Egon and Dagmar. Miranda, a young flea, annoys Mini and tricks him into getting involved in Dagmar's acrobatic dance, causing him to fall and turn her leg. Ashamed, Mini walks away and joins a gang of robbers. Its leader is a beetle called Basse, which orders Mini to steal the reserves of the hive. However, the bee-soldiers arrest him and sentence him to life in forced labor. The Bee-wigs find him cute and take him as a pet, until he runs away and finds asylum for the robbers, who in the meantime have stolen Egon's motorcycle. Miranda regrets the way he was treated, and the two of them, along with their brave friends the ants, manage to get back Egon's favorite race bike.

The mini beetle Mini appears in a flea circus together with Egon and Dagmar. The flea-girl Miranda bullies Mini and tricks him into interfering in Dagmar's line dancing, making her fall and sprain her foot. Deeply ashamed, Mini runs away and meets a gang of robbers. The gang is led by the brutal beetle, Basse, who orders Mini to break into the bees' honey stock. But the bee-soldiers catch him, and he is sentenced to life-long hard labour. Meanwhile, Miranda regrets her bullying of Mini and together with Mini, who has managed to escape, and their brave friends the ants, they succeed in recovering Egon's beloved racing bike which has been stolen by the robbers.