The well-known actor Akis Sakellariou at the 7th Film Festival. His new film was screened and he was an animator in a workshop for the Cinema

Excited by his presence at the 7th Chania Film Festival, the well-known actor Akis Sakellariou appeared. Akis Sakellariou was at the Chania Film Festival, first of all, because his new film “Meltem” (produced in 2019) was screened, in which he stars, directed by Vassilis Doganis.

“The The film is about a key period of Greek reality. The crisis. On an island that suffered with the refugee crisis, Lesvos”, said Mr. Akis Sakellariou.

The visit of Mr. Sakellariou, however, had a second, very important parameter. He was the animator of the Chania Film Festival workshop on “The actor in the cinema”, in the context of which there was a very constructive discussion with the participants in it. As Akis Sakellariou pointed out: “The theme of the conversation we had in the workshop was ‘the actor and the cinema’ has many sides. I understood from the final conversation we had that we urgently need an Academy of Arts in Greece. , an academy that will highlight directors, actors, painters, poets, etc. Some efforts have been made in the recent past, but they have not worked. Somewhere in the economic crisis this effort was lost.”

Akis Sakellariou was given a tour of the 7th Chania International Film Festival by the Director of the Chania Film Festival, Mathios Frantzeskakis and his collaborators. He was impressed by the organization and the rich content of the Festival, while he also declared himself a lover of the city of Chania.

“I’m happy to be in Chania. I love this city. My son was studying here. I like the narrow alleys, the Old Town of Chania”. Concluding the interview he gave at the Chania Film Festival studio, Akis Sakellariou pointed out: “The actor should have the same approach to either cinema or theatre. He must have the same emotional-physical approach.”


Akis Sakellariou is a graduate of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a graduate of the Drama School of Roula Pateraki. He continued his theatrical studies in america, at the Stella Adler Drama School and at the UK STUDIO. He has been honored twice with the award for first and second best actor at the Thessaloniki Festival and with a state award. He has dozens of participations in theatrical performances and tv series.

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