"Une balle au Coeur" (A ball in the heart) by Jean-Daniel Pollet (Jean-Daniel Pole)

A "forgotten" Director is once again enjoying the spotlight, bringing once again to the fore the beauties of our country.

French publications recently rediscovered director Jean-Daniel Pole, one of the pioneering figures of Nouvelle Vague, who quickly followed his lonely path, away from the dominant currents, always creating films recorded in Cinematic Culture.

"A Sphere in the Heart" is Pole's first film, an ambitious, colourful, Greek-French production of CMS companies and Lembesis Film. The soundtrack and songs are by Mikis Theodorakis and starring: Sammy Fray, Françoise Hardy, Jenny Karezi, Vassilis Diamantopoulos Sotiris Moustakas, Spyros Fokas, Dimitris Myrat, Zanninos, Nikos Tsachiridis and many others.

A large part of the filming took place in Skyros, on the picturesque beaches and mansions of the island, in May 1965. The choice of the place was made by Pole himself, who was looking for the most magnificent beach in the Mediterranean. Filming also took place in Delphi, Athens and Piraeus.

It was screened in France under the title "Une balle au Coeur" and in other European countries under the title "Devil at my Heels". The Greek premiere of the film took place on December 19, 1966. Several years ago, there was only one screening at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, as part of a tribute to the French Director.

Digitized today, it is expected in September to be released on DVD by Carousel films and screened in selected cinemas, as well as on Greek television.

A truly rare film that brings back to the forefront the Greek natural beauty.

Jean-Daniel Pollet - CFF
Jean-Daniel Pollet - CFF
Jean-Daniel Pollet - CFF

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