With my heart

Direction: Alikianos High School / Junior High School of Alikianos
Script/Script: Alikian High School / Junior High School of Alikianos
Director of Photography: Thodoris Thomadakis / Thodoris Thomadakis
Editing/Montage: Thodoris Thomadakis / Thodoris Thomadakis
Producer/Production: cineLearning, Cultural Society of Crete / Crete Cultural Organization
Country of Production/Country: Greece / Greece
Duration: 11'
Production Year/Year: 2017
Language/Language: Greek / English
Subtitles: -


In the documentary With my heart..., on the subject of open heart surgery, which was underwent by a student of the First High School at the Onassis Hospital, the film team of Alikianos High School follows how the student herself and her parents, as well as her classmates, experienced this event. How does one deal with an important health issue? What emotions does he experience before and after surgery? What does it come across in such a case? Can he trust himself and his life in the hands of another? What factors can contribute to the positive development of such an adventure? And is the heart ultimately more than an organ? Many times in the difficulty that can arise is very important the courage of the people who are struggling, with the help of science, but also the love and support of the people around them.

The documentary With My Heart ..., talks about an open-heart surgery, which was attended by a junior high school student at the Onassis Hospital. The film group of Alikianos Junior High School, shows how the pupil herself and her parents faced this fact, as well as her classmates.