With the latest film by Stavros Psyllakis, the Chania International Film Festival Club returns

With the latest documentary by Stavros Psyllakis FOR WITHOUT WORDS, meetings with Giorgos Maniatis, the 2020 Screenings begin the Chania Film Festival Club on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 10:00 pm at ATTIKON Cinema. The screening will take place in the presence of the director. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Giorgos Maniatis (1939-2018), legionnaire in Algeria at the age of 18, writer and musician afterwards, defines himself as a “public danger”. The film is not a biography of Maniatis. He seeks the adventure of his soul, a consciousness in constant alertness, incendiary and self-immolating. “It changes life, whoever changes lives”, he tells us…

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlgavoBhSHc&feature=youtu.be
Greece 2019, 98′
Script-direction-camera-sound: Stavros Psyllakis
Collaboration in the idea and research of the film: Emilios Kaliakatsos
Editing by Spyros Kokkas
Music-mixing sound: Vangelis Fambas
Paintings: Michalis Manousakis
Text rendition: Rinio Kyriazi
Poster: Dimitris Arvanitis
Image Processing-Production: 2׀35

Elisavet Chronopoulou (writer-director), writes about the film of Stavros Psyllakis:
[…] If the technique of storytelling consists of choosing by excluding and enlightening by shadowing, Psyllakis in this film starts from a clear choice: He does not organize his material by putting forward the question “who is the hero”, a choice that would lead him to the shadow-writing of a portrait, but following a path parallel to that of the fictional narrative, focuses on the question “what does the hero want, what is his existential need and what he does to fulfill it. In other words, he chooses to tell us an adventure. The adventure of a man who wants to find in this world a place that he deserves. A man who, at the age of seventeen, refuses to accept the identity that was predetermined for him as a label and feels the need to establish himself an identity for himself, to give content to that label, the content he wants. And this content is nothing but the ideal of virtue, as he says. […]

Director’s Biography:
Stavros Psyllakis was born in Chania in 1954. He has obtained a degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a degree in Directing from the E School. Hatzikou. He was a scholar of the French state in Paris, where he studied directing an anthropological documentary at the ATELIERS VARAN. He received theoretical and practical training in video and film 16mm.
Filmography (selection)
2000: The Man Who Annoyed the Universe, Documentary 52′
2009: There was no Other Way, Documentary, 87′
2010: The Survivors, Documentary, 29′
2012: Metaxa (listening to time), Documentary, 87′
2014: Short Roma Stories, Documentary, 67′
2015: Olympia, Documentary, 45′
2015: The Inner Light, 92′
2019: For No Reason: meetings with Giorgos Maniatis, Documentary, 98′

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The January we are waiting for you with 5 unique films:

  • THURSDAY 9/1/2020 FOR NO REASONS meetings with Giorgos Maniatis of Stavros Psyllakis. SCREENING OF THE DIRECTOR’S PRESENCE.
  • THURSDAY 16/1/2020 The Road To A God Knows Where / The Road To God Knows Where by Uli M Schüppel. The movie ode to Nick Cave.
  • SATURDAY 18/1/2020, 23:59 LIVE the experience of the MIDNIGHT SCREENING with The Golden Glove , fatih Akin’s last film in FIRST SCREENING.
  • THURSDAY 1/23/2020 A Young Woman / Jeune Femme by Leonor Seraig. Leticia Doss, fragile as well as comical, falls, beats, crumples but always gets up, shining in an unforgettable role that will remain a classic in cinema and is already considered one of the most promising young actresses in France.
  • THURSDAY 30/1/2020 Kisses to the Children of Vasilis Loules. SCREENING IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTOR. On the occasion of the International Holocaust Day (27/1) a documentary that records the testimonies of five elderly Jews who as children survived the Holocaust.


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