Chania Film Festival meets Rokkas Festivals 2021

The Chania Film Festival meets the Rokkas Festivals 2021 and they co-organize a screening of the award-winning film “Roka changes the world” on Monday, August 16 at 9.00 pm at kera square.

Rocket changes the world

Director: Katja Benrath

Courageous, funny and unique: this is Rocca. He is eleven years old and lives a rather special life. As her dad looks at her from above—since she’s an astronaut on a mission in space—Rocca lives alone with her squirrel and goes to regular school for the first time in her life. Her carefree and unconventional lifestyle makes her stand out immediately among her classmates. She bravely treats class bullies, because first and foremost Rocca defends justice. That’s why she becomes friends with the homeless Caspar and tries to help him. At the same time, she struggles with all her might to win her grandmother’s heart.

Writer: Hilly Martinek

Director of Photography: Torsten Breue

Editing by Jan Ruschke

Music:Milena Fessmann, Tobias Kuhn, Annette Fock

Producer/Production: Tobias Rosen, Heike Wiehle – Timm

Country of Production/Country: Germany / Germany

Duration: 101′

Production Year/Year: 2019

Language/Language: German / German