Tribute titled “I The Other! Me As Another! I The Other” in the context of the 7th Chania Film Festival

This year, for the third year in its history, the Chania International Film Festival is hosting a special section on the theme “I The Other! Me As Another! I The Other” This section is implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” and is co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and national funds. It is essentially the Operational Program of the NSRF that deals with education and employment.

Some of the goals of the effort concern: The development and utilization of the abilities of the country’s human resources, the improvement of the quality of education, Lifelong Learning, the awareness of environmental education, the connection of education with the labor market and the strengthening of social cohesion and social inclusion of vulnerable social groups (EKO). The screening of the films of the tribute is free for the public and access to people with disabilities is ensured.

The tribute “I The Other! Me As Another! I The Other” presents 11 films.

Fiction films, documentaries and animation compose our tribute. Films with different cultural references, different references to time, to techniques. Films that, however, meet in search of the content of the different…

Cinema has the power and it can motivate and provoke debate.

Creative discussions and actions that will contribute to the understanding of the different and the harmonious coexistence with it. The tribute we designed poses questions in order to provoke debate.

See below the films of the Tribute.
For viewing hours, consult the screening schedule of the 7th CFF.

Red Daisy. One school, Two Worlds / Documentary / 12 ́ / Greece 2019

Direction: Creative Team of the Primary School of Emprosneros in the framework of the action cineLearning.

The film follows the effort of the young protagonist to join the school program in a primary school in the province of Chania. The protagonist is a deaf child.

Journey / Animation / 7΄ / Australia 2014

Director: Radheya Jegatheva

Alone in space, an astronaut moves through the void. After finding another astronaut in the same state, it gives him a polaroid image of earth. They then work together to embark on an epic journey through the universe to return to their planet. Will these asteroid lovers find a home? An allegorical journey in search of the place of “the different” in the world of “the other”.

Debut / Fiction / 4′ / Croatia 2018

Director: Dalibor Matanić

A young farmer from Croatia dreams of becoming a professional footballer. But before he pursues his goals on the field, he must first face the truth about who he really is.

The Other / Documentary / 52 ́ / Greece 2005

Direction: Loukia Rikaki

One year from life in the single-seater elementary school of the village of Patsideros, Heraklion, where five students of Albanian origin and only one Greek are studying.

The Routine / Fiction / 27 ́ / Greece 2015

Direction: Dimitris Antzous

Routine is a Greek short film about autism.
Living with Vangelis is not easy. His family tries not to disturb his daily life, so as to keep his schedule and not change his routine. On the other hand, the intense rhythms of Giannis’ life leave him no room for understanding and empathy. A sudden event will be the connecting link that will unite our two heroes in a short film, which reminds us that when acceptance prevails, life can become even better.

Transgender children, the transition! / Documentary / 52 ́ / Spain 2016

Director: Rocher Oliver y Olivela and Luis Montserrat y Satore

What does it mean to live in an “intermediate” space? How important is it to dwell in a body that denies easy categorization? Four young people respond in their own way to the camera and narrate in first person the process of transition from one sex to another. We see how these children felt, we empathize with parents who often find it difficult to accept change, and we also meet some transgender teenagers who question bilateral gender discrimination. A sensitive look at the issue of identity and diversity.

Sam Roma-We are Gypsies / Documentary / 40 ́ / Greece 2018

Direction: Marina Danezi

“We are of everything. Anything you’ll find. From the worst to the best we can do as humans” Roma: A “mysterious people” whose identity is lost in the depths of time and in the distant places of wandering. From India and Egypt, to Sweden and England and from the time of Alexander the Great to the present day, street lords appear on the map of world anthropogeography. Since then, they have lived on the fringes of the fringe, on the verge of legitimacy and on the verge of social acceptance.

Romaniotes, The Greek Jews of Ioannina / Documentary / 67 ́ Greece 2018

Direction: Stelios Tatakis, Anies Sklavou

Romaniotes, the distinct Greek-Jewish community of the city of Ioannina, with different customs and traditions from the Sephardites and Ashkenazis. Even today, for more than 1,000 years since the Byzantine era, they have been an integral part of the multicultural mosaic of the city of Ioannina, although it is in danger of disappearing during World War II.

Jacques Kostopoulos- a positive story / Documentary / 30 ́ / Greece 2019

Direction: Kyriakos Hadjimichailidis

It is based on Zac’s testimony of his personal experience with HIV. His interview with Kyriakos Hatzimichailidis was given in the context of the creation of the latter’s oldest feature-length modular film, entitled Positive Stories and the subject of HIV. At the time, a very small excerpt of Zac’s testimony had been exploited. Now, the new film includes all the testimony of Zacharias Kostopoulos.

Butterfly & Mouse / Animation / 15΄ / Bulgaria 2019

Director: Mira Yankova

People often say: “He has a lion’s heart and he has a rabbit’s heart.” Some hide lions in their chests, others rabbits, and others mice. There are also those who would not dare to face their inner spiritual animal. A situation of internal conflict that often characterises members of minorities in the process of acquiring their rights.

Advocate / Documentary / 110 ́/ Israel, Canada, Switzerland 2019

Directed by Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaiche

Israeli lawyer Lea Cemel has been working as defense attorney for Palestinian defendants in Israel for fifty years, without falling into discrimination and segregation. It has offered its services to feminists and fundamentalists, to peaceful protesters and armed fighters. A touching portrait of a woman who has dedicated her entire life to justice and the defence of human rights, putting her own stone for a better world.