Short Journeys in the World of Cinema

We started 6 months ago. So like a game and since then we continue …

The Chania Film Festival presents

The Little Journeys in the World of Cinema

A tour of the stations of the 7th Art. The miracle of the 20th century . Short journeys in the History of Cinema, in front of and behind the cameras. An acquaintance with the personalities who laid the foundations in a world that combines reality with fantasy. An acquaintance with its evolution through time. Drawing elements from the art of theatre, literature, storytelling, painting, dance and music, Cinema creates its own Magical World, in which films as distributors of dreams, hopes and hidden desires of man will always exist, no matter how many changes there may be in the future, as Igmar Bergman notes.

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Production: Chania Film Festival / Cultural Society of Crete

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